Boulders’ new luxury store provides homage to Italy and timeless fashion

All of the senses are ignited as the customer steps foot into the world-ly fashion paradise that is Beatrice the Divine, Boulder’s newest luxury clothing store. The walls are dressed in warm tones that gently hug the Salvador Dali paintings. Ceiling-to-floor windows welcome the winter sun as it casts light on elegant pieces from across the globe. 

The name itself pays direct homage to the myths of Italian culture. Specifically, store owner April Ware, was drawn to the ethereal beauty of Dante’s muse, Beatrice. Such elegance directly transpires into the specific brands and pieces Ware has chosen to showcase in her recently opened storefront. 

Through her extensive travel background and appreciation for high-end clothing, Ware has brought her unique shopping experiences abroad to the heart of Boulder.

Ware started out working in the health and wellness industry, but the pandemic had her finding a change in heart, “coming out of COVID, I no longer had alignment with my previous field of work,” Ware explained. 

From here, Ware jump-started her passion for design and the fashion industry. Although it was no easy task, “having no connections to the fashion industry, I started to reach out to store owners that have achieved notoriety. From there, I got advice and mentorship and decided to go for it”, Ware said.

In addition, she reflected on her traveling and returned to notable cities, I knew where to look because I have a lot of shopping experience. I went to Paris, New York, London, and Milan and met with all the brands in person to cultivate relationships and share with them the progress of the store location and Boulder’s demographic,” Ware stated.  

Her many experiences abroad led her to have a firm understanding of the types of brands she wanted to be found in Beatrice the Divine. Specifically, she wanted to emphasize the way in which her shopping experiences abroad expanded her own personal style in ways she did not know existed beforehand. 

“My goal was to create a store offering a sense of discovery and the ability to elevate your own personal style,” she explained. 

Her combination of worldly fashion and appreciation for timeless brands allows those walking in to experience the concept of fashion as an art form. 

Today, customers can find unique pieces such as the avant-garde and vintage-inspired cuts of NYC-based artist, Batsheva

The high-end suiting separates of UK designer Rejina Pyo provide a new element to timeless wear that can be dressed up or down. 

Elevate the standard turtle neck and suit set with Manoush’s unique funky floral print pattern. Through a plethora of brands that have been hand-picked through the worldly view of Ware, customers can be sure to find something that will push their style to a new level. 

Beatrice the Divine resembles the native being of fashion as an art form. Through Ware’s extensive travel and ambition, the storefront provides luxury pieces that are guaranteed to boost one’s personal style.

Check out more of the storefront beatricethedivine

Photography by April Ware. 

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