Local Listen — Julian Fulco Perron Finds Earthly Inspirations

Julian Fulco Perron
Courtesy of Julian Fulco Perron

Colorado has a tendency to awaken and invigorate the creative sides of its inhabitants, and singer-songwriter Julian Fulco Perron is no exception. Born and raised in Alaska, Perron moved to Denver in 2014 in pursuit of a band and a music career. Acting as frontman of the hard rock band 21 Taras from 2014 until 2020 when the group chose to part ways, Perron learned a thing or two about musicianship and the local music scene. After that band parted ways, Perron wasn’t sure what his next move was and decided to take up gardening, which would bring him back to his roots and lead him to the release of his most recent solo album, In My Garden.

Julian Fulco Perron
Photo courtesy of Julian Fulco Perron

Gardening and caring for many plants and vegetation, along with filling his home with over 30 houseplants during the pandemic, this newfound passion initiated a new creative spark. Having thought he was finished making music, Perron found untapped inspiration from his new hobby. “The energy that plants can bring into your space and the care that is put into them” is something that he wanted to translate into his music, and upon this realization, he returned to songwriting. “My album is a result of that immersion I experienced by caring for the plants and vegetation,” Perron said.

Mainly crafting songs on an acoustic guitar to then be fleshed out and layered upon, Perron pulled much inspiration from ’60s- and ’70s-era artists such as Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys, Paul McCartney and Paul Simon. Different from the hard rock days of his former band, In My Garden is a more “folk-rock inspired expedition,” giving the audience a look into Perron’s “evolving creativity.” The guitar use is presented “very sparsely at times,” Perron said. “At other moments, the record is filled with dynamic, multi-instrumental turns which reinforces my typical style of a densely layered production.”

Perron celebrated the album release with a listening party last month at Garage Sale Vintage, a local boutique shop that specializes in vintage clothing and vinyl. He was also chosen to partner with Colorado’s Film Locale to create a music video for one of the album’s singles, “Can’t Be Trusted.” Having been working diligently with his recently assembled band on building the live show, Perron is planning a long, multi-month trip and tour to Europe in 2023. Keeping the momentum high, the next album is already in the works, which will be a much more funk and disco-inspired effort and will continue to expand the diversity of Perron’s musicality.

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