Denver Fashion Week’s Youngest DJ is 11-Year Old Kai White

Forbes Magazine called Denver fashion week one of America’s fastest-growing fashion platforms and a trusted alternative to New York for emerging talent. DFW kicks off Saturday evening at 7:00 p.m. This 10-day event will feature everything from streetwear to sustainable fashion to a hair show. On Sunday, November 13 at 11:30 a.m., the focus is couture kids.

This portion of the show will have music provided by one of Denver’s youngest and most talented DJs, Kai White. Kai is only 11 years old, but his stage presence rivals the most seasoned vets in the industry, and his skill set is as solid as any fully-grown professional DJ. Kai has been surrounded by creativity and music for as long as he can remember. His parents Walt White and Jenny White are well-known Denver DJs, entertainment industry pros and owners of Wander Beats Events and School of Beats

Photo By Jenny White

11 may seem young for a DJ, but Kai was already learning the basics and streaming them on Twitch at six years old. From there he worked his way up to birthday parties, school dances and community events for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation and Covid relief fundraisers. He’s now preparing for his biggest event yet, Denver Fashion Week. 

Being a young performer in the world of entertainment comes with its pros and cons, but Kai says it has mostly been a positive experience. He knows that starting his career at such a young age will only give him more time to learn and grow as an artist. He is building his image and gaining publicity early on, and he feels lucky for that opportunity. There are certain shows that Kai has to sit out since he is a minor, but his family ties with the Denver scene have opened the necessary doors for him to meet other talented artists and attend inspiring events consistently. His mother, DJ J’adore, opened for the Rezz Rocks show on October 27 while Kai watched from backstage.

Kai’s resume highlights many skills aside from his work as a DJ. When asked if DJing was his favorite creative outlet, Kai said his “main focus” right now is being a DJ, creating doodle art, acting, basketball and skateboarding. “So just five main things?” we clarified. He said yes, he loves them all equally. Fashion is another passion of Kai’s which is evident from his stylish outfit during our interview; a beanie, a black shirt with a bright design, complete with a silver chain. He is very excited to be immersed in both fashion and music for this upcoming event. 

Photo Courtesy DJ Kai White

Most children are not thinking about a career between the age of six and 11, let alone doing anything to pursue it. Although Kai is professional and incredibly talented, he doesn’t view starting his career so young as a source of pressure or stress at his age. He considers himself lucky to have so many options to pour out his creativity while spending time with his family and growing as an artist. 

When Kai builds a setlist for a show, he doesn’t pre-plan song for song. He feels it’s important to be able to read the room in the moment and choose the music for the crowd once he’s with them. He’s not just operating a playlist, he’s using his skillset to merge and blend while behind the booth. He has a mature confidence and an amazing stage presence, but Kai is not immune to pre-performance anxiety. “I do get a bit nervous. It’s a big crowd, and I’m just an 11-year-old kid that doesn’t get to do this daily. It can be hard, but I do eventually get the guts to go on stage, and I feel proud to have the chance to do every event.” On the other hand, Walt says he’s witnessed his son claim nervousness one second and appear on stage with professional-level confidence and charisma the next. 

Kai has sought inspiration from both local and national influences. He really looks up to Brondo, Rufus Du Sol and is a big fan of Marshmello. Lately, he’s listening to a lot of drum and bass artists like Sub Focus, Dimension and Dieselboy. Kai is not confined to EDM—he saw Elton John bid Denver his final farewell the night before we spoke and he loved it. 

Photo courtesy of Denver Fashion Week

Both the DJ scene and the EDM world are constantly morphing every few years. By the time Kai turns 21 and is able to perform anywhere, things could look completely different. Walt mentions that the current push for DJs is more of an Instagram-focused platform that requires a solid social media presence. Kai’s main focus is on building the solid skillset he will require to survive in the industry long term. 

Kai has already accomplished huge things for his age, but his ultimate goal is to be known globally. He loves how supportive and creative Denver is, but hopes to be well-known all over the world as time goes on.

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