Kitto Katto Skincare Curates an Atmosphere of Care for Clientele

For over a decade, Kitto Katto Skincare has provided safe and effective medical-grade treatments to its loyal clientele. Owned by certified estheticians Amy Kimmig-Carey and Christie Nasi, Kitto Katto is Denver’s ultimate one-stop shop for skincare services and products.


The pair met while working for a medical skincare practice in Denver. After deciding to start their own business, they operated Wabi Sabi skincare out of a prominent Denver salon for several years.

Kimmig-Carey and Nasi became sole owners of their business in 2016, rebranding and opening their own salon. In keeping with their promise to provide customers with “winning skin,” they settled on Kitto Katto for their brand name, which means “surely you will win” in Japanese.

Kitto Katto is the first medically directed boutique skincare in Denver. The boutique operates under a medical license, which allows for the use of special equipment and for the sale of products with higher levels of active ingredients.

“It’s a total game changer. In working under our medical director, we are able to offer stronger, more result-driven treatments,” Kimmig-Carey said.

Kitto Katto’s location also played a role in choosing the boutique’s services and products. Several of the skincare products for sale are made specifically for the dry climate, which is crucial as Colorado’s altitude has lasting effects on the skin.

“We live in Colorado and are a mile high, so we needed to offer treatments to combat sun damage,” Nasi said.

Tangible results are undoubtedly a top priority in both products and services at Kitto Katto. The boutique offers both active and clinical facials, along with clinical skin treatments and waxing services. 

“We pride ourselves on the experience we provide, educating our clients and connecting with them. They don’t leave here with a bag of 500 products they don’t need or know how to use,” Kimmig-Carey said.

Ran by a team of women, female empowerment is a cornerstone of Kitto Katto Skincare. In relationships with clients and coworkers alike, the women at Kitto Katto work together seamlessly, defying stereotypes and changing the narrative on how women work together. 

“A big part of our culture here is inclusivity and empowerment. We love making people feel good. Women can be so brutal to each other and that’s just now what we’re about,” Kimmig-Carey said.

Complete with a pink door, velvet sofa and plenty of gold accents, Kitto Katto emulates warmth and fun while still maintaining the cleanliness and professionalism of a medical practice. The pair explained that it was important for them to replicate the feeling of a classic boutique salon when opening their storefront.

“Our clients knew us and they knew what we could deliver. So what we needed to put into this place was our personalities,” Nasi said. 

In an effort to fill the gaps in the skincare distributors that the boutique carries, Kimmig-Carey and Nasi started their own skincare line under the Kitto Katto name. Following the launch of their first product, the Youth in Bloom Beauty Oil, the duo has since expanded the skincare line to include a moisturizer, eye cream and Vitamin C serum. 

“Youth in Bloom is our best seller. It’s just an incredible product that we are so proud of. It’s a scent experience that offers nourishing, healing and anti-aging. It hits all the marks,” Nasi said.

Looking to the future, Kimmig-Carey and Nasi hope to expand their skincare line further, bringing their products to a broader marketplace. Noting how skin improvement typically comes in tandem with increased self-confidence, the two want to provide those opportunities to as many people as they can. 

“We truly believe that everything is possible. I think that what we have is special,” Nasi said.

Kitto Katto Skincare is located at 601 N Corona Street in Denver. To schedule an appointment or shop their products online, visit their website.

All photos courtesy of Kitto Katto Skincare.