How Smoking CBD Flower Is the New Trend & Why You Should Try It

Every once in a while, something new comes along that completely changes consumer culture when the world is least expecting it. These last few years have seen the frustration people feel over lack of cannabis access combining with the rapid rise of CBD’s popularity, resulting in the development of a massive, thriving CBD hemp flower market where none existed at all just a few years ago.

What, exactly, is CBD flower, and why does it suddenly seem like everyone is smoking it? Learn what CBD flower is, what it does, what types there are, and where to get it.

What Is CBD Flower?

CBD flower comes from Cannabis sativa that has been bred to be high in CBD but contain less than 0.3% THC. As long as its THC content remains below this threshold, the federal government generally considers CBD-rich hemp flower to be industrial hemp, a largely unrestricted legal category.

Hemp flower containing CBD is exactly the same as marijuana flower containing THC in all save one critical way: the dominant cannabinoid. CBD-rich cannabis strains are selectively bred to contain the highest concentrations of CBD possible while THC-rich cannabis strains are developed to be as intoxicating as possible.

Why Is CBD Flower So Popular?

Regardless of what it is, why is CBD flower suddenly everywhere? We can think of five good reasons:

1. It Has Great Effects

The effects of smoking or vaping CBD flower are undeniably pleasant. You’ll feel an overall sense of light relaxation combined with the unique effects provided by the terpene profile present in the strain you smoked. CBD has been investigated for its potential ability to reduce anxiety, ease pain, and help you sleep.

2. It Doesn’t Get You High

No matter how much you smoke or which strain you smoke, CBD hemp flower will not get you high. If it is sold online or through conventional retailers, CBD flower must contain 0.3% THC or less, which is nowhere near enough to cause intoxication.

3. You Can Buy It Online

It’s just as easy to buy CBD flower online as it is to buy anything else on the internet. There are a handful of excellent brands to choose from that are all trusted by customers and have great reviews. Most CBD hemp flower companies ship to all 50 states, but they may require proof that you’re over the age of 21 to make a purchase.

4. There Are Lots of Strains to Choose From

Just as there are dozens of different strains of THC-rich cannabis to choose from, you also have a wide selection of CBD-rich hemp strains to peruse as you find a match that best suits your needs. You have your choice between relaxing indicas, balanced hybrids, and energizing sativas. Some CBD strains are even designed to mimic the aromas, flavors, and effects of famous THC strains — just without the intoxication, of course.

5. You Can Use It Many Different Ways

Smoke it, roll it, vape it, you name it. CBD flower is the versatile base substance that’s used to make all the CBD products on the market, after all, so it makes sense that you have a variety of different options when it comes to the best way to use CBD flower. Some people even grind and decarboxylate their buds before baking them into treats.

How to Choose CBD Hemp Flower Products

CBD flower is amazing, but CBD flower products vary in quality based on who grows and processes them. As you select the right CBD flower products for your needs, prefer indoor-grown buds that contain at least 15% CBD and come with lab reports proving they’re contaminant-free and include compliant levels of THC. Abundant customer reviews are always a plus as well.

Why You Should Try CBD Flower Today

It’s starting to seem like we severely underestimated cannabis. First derided as an evil, illicit drug, cannabis was then seen as a mostly harmless vice before finally being recognized today as the incredible healing tool it truly is.

When you smoke CBD flower, you won’t get high, but you will experience a side of cannabis you never thought existed. Fully non-intoxicating and non-addictive, CBD flower is just the beginning of what the impressively complex Cannabis sativa plant holds in store for our health and well-being.