Get Ready for Fall with These Back to Work and School Accessories

It is that time of year when the hefty transition of summer to fall starts to commence. Although the change is complex and the cause of added stress, it’s the perfect opportunity to ensure you are prepared for the upcoming passage. Things are about to change from admiring the tan line that favorite summer dress created to deciding which platform boot would be best to embark on the snow. Why not bring a little fun into this transitional period by elevating any outfit with the ideal back-to-school and work bag? 

It is time to unload the summer woven tote of your sunscreens and start planning out the new bag you wish to bring into the office. These Denver boutiques offer a wide variety of unique ways to carry a laptop and other office goodies. On top of that, check out the summer sales local boutiques are having to bring in the fall with open arms. 

Trendy Backpacks

Backpacks provide an elevated look to your typical backpack. While work attire reads as a more fancy and escalated style, a backpack like the Hunter Backpack ($345) from Wish Boutique is spacious, easy to carry and stylish. Sometimes a backpack can de-escalate professional style and can come off as too ‘casual,’ but this option allows for comfort and support and the leather textile adds glam.

Adults are not the only ones dealing with a hefty transition. Kids also need an extra boost to get ready for the school year. Kids’ backpacks are usually purchased through larger chains, and it tends to be a bummer when another classmate shows up with the exact same backpack. Why not make the process more unique by shopping at local boutiques for your children’s back-to-school accessories? The Kids Cherry Backpack ($28) from Wish Boutique is colorful and cute and destined to make any outfit pop.

The Power of a Tote

Denver boutique Steadbrook carries a variety of trendy styles and aesthetics focused on streetwear and fresh silhouettes. The release of the Marc Jacobs Tote ($375) was quick to hit the trends. The more classic one is the various canvas textiles. Steadbrook offers a more high-profile style with this leather finish, serving a bag that is versatile and chic.

Work attire tends to come in waves of neutral tones. Therefore, our accessories match such color palettes. The Ampersand As Apostrophe Micro Tote ($462) from Perch challenges the typical office colors with its metallic finish. The square tote has not gone out of style, it is simple and chic. It’s a style that can be dressed down or, in this case, glammed up. Check Perch’s website to see the other funky colors this tote comes in.

The material of the work bag is absolutely essential in ensuring its durability. Although leather is ever so glamorous, sometimes it does not provide the sturdiness needed for heavy laptops and steel water bottles. The Nagged Geneva Weekender ($445) from Garbarini is a woven nylon bag that provides immense versatility and crispness to the classic tote.

Last, but not least, check out the largest accessory on the list. The Sommers Tote Crossbody ($262) from Ruby Jane offers immense space and support for the working professional. Not only is there space for every single knick-knack, but there is an added aspect of versatility as well. This bag can be carried over the shoulder, across the arm, by hand, etc.

Organization is Key

Getting into a new fall schedule is overwhelming. Whether it be preparing for a new client, making a fresh set of pitches, or even transferring to a completely new office, having a planner can ease some of this pressure. The 2023 Rifle Paper Co. Botanical Weekly Planner ($36) from Paper Source is trendy for the fashionista craving organization. Paper Source offers a wide range of beautifully designed, unique, academic planners to help better organize the day-to-day, weekly and even monthly schedules this fall.

The most integral part of any working day is the technology being used. Without a working computer, the flow of the average office day would have to come to a halt. The laptop is one of the most used tools on an average day. So, why not ensure it is protected at all times? Baggu’s Puffy Laptop Sleeve ($32) ensures not only protection but the essence of style to the technological goodies.

Snag the Summer Deals

Along with the amazing selection of work accessories offered at a handful of local Denver locations, many boutiques are in the midst of their final summer sales. Be sure to check out the sales going on at various Denver retail locations.  

Wish Boutique – 70% off select summer collections

Photo courtesy of Wish Boutique on Instagram.

The store provides bright-colored clothing and fun prints that everyone needs in their closet to brighten it up.

Denver Darling – Select summer styles rack 50% off

Photo courtesy of Denver Darling on Instagram.

A nice dinner dress is essential year-round. Check out Denver Darling’s sale rack to find some gorgeous dresses for such occasions.

Strut Boutique – Select Summer Items Sale

Photo courtesy of Strut Boutique on Instagram.

From shoes to skirts, this sale has various different items included.

It is vital to transition into fall feeling like the best versions of ourselves. Stability in times of change is important and accessories can provide balance in hectic transitional periods. Sometimes, what this means is making sure all of our belongings are in one place and our schedules are written down – a cute bag can solve a variety of problems as a result.

Photos courtesy of Wish Boutique, Steadbrook, Paper Source, Perch, Garbarini, Baggu and Ruby Jane.