Western Fashion Is Trending, So Here’s Where to Find Vintage and Modern Western Wear in Denver

Western wear has worked its way into the fashion world’s heart over the past couple of years. Trendsetters like Emma Chamberlain and Dua Lipa have added western trademarks to their streetwear looks, including cow print and cowboy boots. Not to mention, music festivals have become the place to be if you’re itching to rock a hot pink cowgirl hat.

Here at 303 Magazine, we rounded up some of the many western-themed fashion brands in and around Denver. In this roundup, you’ll find modern, traditional and vintage western wear befitting for any aspiring rhinestone cowboy.

Rockmount Ranch Wear

Rockmount Ranch Wear, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Rockmount Ranch Wear

For a traditional approach to western wear, look no further than Rockmount Ranch Wear. Founded by Jack A. Weil, infamously known as “the cowboy’s dresser,” Rockmount Ranch Wear was instrumental in creating a fashionable yet practical identity for western ranchers. This legendary brand has you covered when it comes to snap-front embroidered western shirts.

Whiskey Wagon Merch

Western Wear, Whiskey Wagon Merch

Photo courtesy of Whiskey Wagon Merch

Whiskey Wagon Merch is a vintage brand that has an assortment of prairie dresses, denim goods and fringe vests. The shop is curated by stylish vintage connoisseur Ashley Arbon and can be seen inside Show Pony Vintage or around Denver doing various pop-up shops.

Cry Baby Ranch

Cry Baby Ranch, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Cry Baby Ranch

Cry Baby Ranch has been around Denver for 30 years, providing a distinctive array of western clothing, boots, belts and gifts for both men and women. If you’re looking for an ornate belt buckle or a chic bandana, Cry Baby Ranch is your retailer. While they are currently online only, their website is a must-see for western fashion enthusiasts.


Blush Out West

Blush Out West, Western Wear

Photo Courtesy of Blush Out West

Blush Out West is an e-commerce western-inspired fashion brand based in Castle Rock. It’s run by a mother and daughter duo who are passionate about western lifestyle and fashion. If you’re willing to make the drive, you can shop Blush Out West in person at The Emporium in Castle Rock.


Ida + Moon

Ida + Moon, Hannah Thurston, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Ida + Moon

It’s challenging to imagine Denver’s western wear scene without its reigning vintage western apparel curator, Ida + Moon, run by Hannah Thurston. The online shop has recently opened a pop-up at La Lovely Vintage, though the majority of their business is done on their website. Thurston’s ability to style vintage western outfits and recreate pioneer-style looks is an inspiration.


Cactus Cowgirl Boutique

Cactus Cowgirl Boutique, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Cactus Cowgirl Boutique

Cactus Cowgirl Boutique is located a little over an hour north of Denver in Fort Collins. With prairie-style skirts and fringed suede jackets, their selection indicates heavy western influence with just a touch of a west coast bohemian vibe.


On Beat Vintage

On Beat Vintage, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of On Beat Vintage

Cowboy boots have become a surprising staple in streetwear and festival attire, therefore making them a must-have for western fashion lovers. On Beat Vintage isn’t strictly western-themed, but they do offer an eclectic collection of vintage cowboy boots. In the past, they’ve also carried Wild Bonnet Boots, which is a Texas brand specializing in hand-painted vintage western boots.



Rangestead, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Rangestead

Rangestead is a modern, minimalistic take on western-themed goods. The brand embraces the cowboy vibe with sweatshirts and tees that say “howdy.” They’ve also given the clay earring trend a western flair by creating designs in the shape of horseshoes, steer heads and lassos. Rangestead is sold online and at pop-ups around Denver.


Silver Horse

The Silver Horse, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Silver Horse

In nearby Golden, Silver Horse stands as a women’s western apparel store suitable for a historically wild western town. This dandy mercantile contains intriguing western treasures from turquoise jewelry to trendy denim.


OK Boots

OK Boots, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of OK Boots

Boots are made for walking at traditional family-owned boot supplier, OK Boots. This long-standing brand has intricately-designed authentic leather cowboy boots for men, women and children.


Goldmine Vintage

Goldmine Vintage, Western Wear

Photo courtesy of Goldmine Vintage

Goldmine Vintage carries a wide variety of vintage clothing, but their old-school western apparel is a major highlight of their merchandise. They have a knack for spotting dreamy denim and western pieces from the 70s, which transport you back to the old American frontier while staying on-trend.