Festival Fashion Turns Heads at Global Dance Festival

Festival-wear in Colorado is anything but typical, and Global Dance Festival at Empower Field this past week was no different. Over the years, rave fashion has matured from flower crowns to colorful, tinted glasses and from plain sneakers to sky-high platforms. Events like these come just a few times a year, making it the best time to go all out for fashion. 

Devin Hagan shows off her lease while sporting a checker-print top with white Demonia boots.

Alongside Decadence and Sonic Bloom, Global Dance Festival is known as one of the biggest rave events in Denver to come back year after year. The real show stopper, however, was the style that concert-goers brought.

“Raves are a place where people can be themselves, not have a care in the world, love each other, and simply create one big vibe,” Global Dance attendee Noah Renner said. “I met people I probably wouldn’t have if I had worn something different.”

Festival wear or “rave fashion” is unlike other styles in its ability to be edgy yet playful simultaneously. Most attendees opt for stylish and unique clothing, while also comfortable as events such as Global can keep attendees on their feet all day as temperatures remain high. 

Paityn Kindel shows off her outfit consisting of a glittery top, a pink skirt, black sleeves and rave Kandi.

The accessories bring outfits to the next level and make rave fashion so unique. Colorful glasses have grown in popularity as they come in nearly every color and unusual shape such as clouds, drips, mushrooms or flames. Those who wear makeup tend to go all out with colorful eyeshadows, glitter and gemstones. 

When preparing for festivals and raves, colorful and eclectic outfits can prove to be hard to find, so many people find their outfits through websites like iHeartRaves and Dolls Kill. Locally, stores such as Pair O’ Dimes and FashioNation carry unique clothes and shoes for the Denver rave crowd. 

Check out some more of 303’s favorite outfits from this year. 

Gess wore a rainbow leopard print bodysuit, a matching fanny pack, thigh-high fishnets and lace-up boots.

Alexis Patton sports a black one-piece suit with yellow star designs and a pair of pink sunglasses.

Sadie Manfreda wore a matching purple set with mushroom and butterfly patches on the top and a swirl pattern on the shorts.

Reina Almendarez and her friends wore outfits inspired by Mystery Inc. from Scooby-Doo.

Noah Renner shows the movement in his black, flowing skirt that he found at the lingerie store, Fascinations. He paired this look with pink sunglasses and a statement necklace.

Dancers for the show matched in 70s-inspired, pink and orange flower sets, accompanied by flower crowns and white boots.

Complete with coordinating skirts and dangly puffball earrings, the Powerpuff Girls make up one of the best group costumes at the festival.

Maya Rossi wore a colorful, abstract jumper with matching eyeshadow and a gold headband.

Ashley shows off her pink, lace outfit with sequin strawberries made by Sew Electric, a handmade, festival wear brand.

All photography by Michael Hameister.