Level Up Your Wine Knowledge at Noble Riot’s Flight Sessions

If you’ve ever been to Noble Riot you know it’s hard to classify the establishment. It offers more than a restaurant, more than a wine bar, and much more than a cocktail bar. With its educational component and incredible culinary program, Noble Riot is changing the game when it comes to food and wine, seamlessly intertwining both to complement each other and delight guests.

Noble Riot Flight Sessions

Photo by Alden Bonecutter

Noble Riot has been educating Denver on wines for the past several years. Whether you’re a beginner or on track to becoming a sommelier, Noble Riot has a class for you. “Our education component has been around since day one,” said co-owner Troy Bowen. “We can do a 101 level class on piedmont or we can do how to pair wines and BDSM — anyone at any level can come in and get something rich and interesting out of their experience.”

After seeing the successes and friendships that blossomed from the wine classes, the team decided to come up with more options that were less rigid in terms of curriculum – so that’s how flight sessions came to be. “Flight sessions came out of the opportunity to have an instructor lead the session but have it be less rigorous. You can talk and drink and go on your own path and be as involved or not as you want,” Bowen explained.

Photo Courtesy of Noble Riot

For those that would like to enjoy some food with their wine, the Noble Riot team also offers their take on a chef’s table dinner called the Somm’s Table. These Somm’s Table dinners allow the chefs to stretch their wings a bit more. They bring in a winemaker, pick several wines to highlight, then build the menu around the wines, rather than the other way around. “We are making the wine the forefront of the meal and shaping the food around that. Something is learned about wine, food, friends and yourself,” he said.

Don’t be afraid though, the food is incredible as well. At April’s Somm’s Table dinner, a family winemaker from Spain brought incredible wines from his family’s esteemed winery — Finca Torremilanos. Chef Dustin Beckner paired the wines with items like garlic soup, grilled cheese, black cod and roasted duck legs for a delicious meal.

Photo courtesy of Noble Riot

Flight sessions are held twice a week, classes are held once a week and somm dinners are quarterly. If you’re interested in trying it out, flight sessions are $39 for nonmembers, but if you’d like to join the Flight Club for $69 per month you’ll get to attend flight sessions for free and get discounted rates to all of Noble Riot’s classes. The prices of the somm dinners vary.

If you’re interested in stepping up your wine knowledge, looking for a fun date night or friends’ night out, Noble Riot is a great choice. You’ll get to taste great wines, make new friends and learn a thing or two while you’re at it.

Noble Riot is located at 1336 27th St, Denver. Open Wednesday – Thursday 4 – 10 p.m., Friday 4 – 11 p.m., Saturday 3 – 11 p.m. and Sunday 3 – 10 p.m.