Room For Milly Hosts Unframed Collection Experience With Designer Alejandro Gaeta

Opportunities for everyday fashion lovers to experience the behind-the-scenes process of creating couture looks are rare. However, local designer Alejandro Gaeta gave an audience a chance to watch as he brought his creations to life. 


Gaeta intersected art and fashion through an immersive runway experience held at Room For Milly on April 24. With the help of event coordinator and Mainspring Brand Experience Manager Phil Hua-Pham, this event was far from any ordinary runway experience. Gaeta immersed himself in his designs to create three beautiful pieces. 

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Gaeta is a Latino fashion designer that is now based in Denver. He aims to show aspiring designers that they can pursue their dreams and passions in life through his fashion designs. His abstract approach to design transcends fashion norms and truly embodies creativity. 

Gaeta created an intimate and breathtaking experience for his audience of 22 guests. Those familiar with Room For Milly – an intimate vintage and art-inspired cocktail bar – are aware of the size. Although the space is the size of a room, as the name itself indicates, the dim lighting and sophisticated furnishings make for a beautiful setting. 

During this event, guests were greeted with a closer look into Gaeta’s creations. 

“Alejandro and I wanted to transform a traditional bar into an immersive art experience that highlights the craftsmanship of Alejandro’s work while being in a well-designed space,” said Hua-Pham. 

For Gaeta, this event provided a platform for his designs while celebrating all that Room for Milly has to offer. “Phil and I wanted to bring something fun and different to Room for Milly to promote its beauty and highlight how much of a gem it is to the Denver community,” Gaeta said.

Gaeta’s Unframed Collection debuted at Color of Fashion 2021 with the premise of bridging art and fashion. To give more background on this collection, Gaeta explained that he wanted to bring the idea of “unframing a piece of art on a canvas into a piece of clothing or fashion per se,” he said. 

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“I kept that idea of creating an immersive experience for an audience to witness live. Room for Milly was the perfect place for this to happen. It was so private and intimate and I believe that’s what captured the beauty of the entirety of the vision I had,” he added.

This event featured only three different looks. This may come as a shock at first, but after experiencing the work that goes into creating each look firsthand, it’s clear that Gaeta’s designs are truly works of art. 

The best way to describe this experience is stated on Gaeta’s website: “a collision of art and fashion.” It was apparent that Gaeta uses his work to conquer adversity. Audience members became immersed in his process of creating pieces that resemble class, art and passion. 

The show began very abruptly. Low music started playing and slowly grew louder to notify guests that the show was beginning. The first model entered the intimate space in a gorgeous pantsuit with a low neckline. 

It seemed after each model, Gaeta was getting his hands dirtier and dirtier. He began by slowly painting the first model’s look using only a paintbrush. 

The first piece, my personal favorite, was covered in abstract shapes with different colors. He began by painting on the top part of the blazer and covered the rest in different shapes with what seemed like a lack of intention in their placement. The colors Gaeta chose went very well together and brought a childlike feeling to this chic piece.

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The second model entered next, wearing a sophisticated dress with a fitted top and a skirt at the bottom. Gaeta began to mix his preference of paint together in a cup while assessing the dress before he got to work. 

With the second model, he began by dipping his hand in a cup full of paint. After his hand was covered in green paint, the look was transformed into a piece of art. The second piece was a luxurious dress that was entirely handpainted by Gaeta. He made what looked like mountain shapes in a dark green color on the bottom of the dress. He then included other colors to add texture. 

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By the time he was working with the third model, Gaeta’s entirely white outfit was covered in paint – revealing his passion for his work. 

The third model entered the room wearing a strappy top and a beautiful sleek long skirt with a small slit. At this point, Gaeta was drenched in paint, including his shoes. 

This outfit was a two-piece set that Gaeta painted using desert-like colors. This piece was covered almost head to toe in paint, as Gaeta added some words and expressions to the piece as well. 

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After each painting was finished, Gaeta would look at what he did, nod his head and exit. This was a very touching gesture that helped guests understand and observe his passion for his creations.

Overall, the event was a beautiful experience. Creatives alike would benefit from attending a show like this one due to the inspirational nature of Gaeta’s work. The evening brought art and fashion together and made Gaeta’s creative vision come to life. 

“I wanted to bring something completely different to the Denver fashion scene, and what better way than a live painting on a piece of garment? This will be one of the most special shows I’ve participated in, I felt like I could truly express the ideas in my mind in a very intimate setting while still highlighting a beautiful ambiance and fashion,” said Gaeta. 

It is very touching to watch the creation behind a designer’s pieces unfold right in front of your eyes. From the space to the fashion to the artful intention behind Gaeta’s work, this event indicated Gaeta’s strong presence in the Denver fashion community. 


Room For Milly holds many different special events in addition to its regular hours of operation. Visit the space at 1615 Platte Street, Suite 145 for a tasteful cocktail setting and fantastic experience, surrounded by great aromas. 

To follow along with Gaeta’s work visit his Instagram which also features his past projects. 

Event Credits

Roxanna Carrasco – Photographer 

Phil Hua-Pham – Event Coordinator

Olivia Staubin – Model

Bailey Seathoff – Model

Alyssa Wyss – Model

James Mucker – Hairstylist 

Lani Fischer – MUA

Nails By KR – Nail Artist 

Amaris – Event Assistant 

Isabella Zandi – MUA Assistant