Femme Fatale Intimates Hosts “Dynasty” Fashion Show on National Lingerie Day

What better way to celebrate National Lingerie Day this coming weekend than with a fashion show full of lingerie? Local brand Femme Fatale Intimates hosts “Dynasty,” bringing sexy lingerie looks to the runway at Temple Nightclub on April 24.

Angel Macauley, owner of Femme Fatale Intimates, aims to elevate the fashion experience in Denver through this weekend’s runway show. Her brand started as an online storefront, and after opening a brick-and-mortar location over four years ago, she has been providing the Denver community with reasonably priced yet high-quality swimwear and lingerie ever since.

Femme Fatale Intimates has made a name for itself in Denver through Macauley’s work as a stylist. Helping customers find the perfect lingerie look to feel confident and beautiful is no easy feat. Therefore, for Macauley, “to know that I have become an experienced stylist in a level of intimate guidance, it fills me with great gratitude to gain my client’s trust and to be a part of such an intimate moment,” she said.

Additionally, Macauley has been involved in Denver Fashion Week for the last seven years, providing her with the chance to network with local fashion creatives and establish valuable relationships in the process.

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These relationships play a role in bringing “Dynasty” to life. Alongside several local creatives including Rufio Jimenez with RU Entertainment Productions, Hard Candy Dancers, Charlie Price Hair and DJ CYN, Macauley plans to turn Temple into a fashion extravaganza. With live performances, local pop-up vendors, singers, aerial performances, pole performances, dancers and more, “Dynasty” will be much more than just a runway show.

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Angel Macauley. Photo by LOOK Films LLC, Bryan Cordero.

Macauley’s inspiration for the show itself as well as the looks that will be presented derives from the onset of Spring in Colorado.

“My inspiration always comes from the season, and the increase and demand for styles,” she said. “We at Femme Fatale relate to embracing lingerie styles with everyday streetwear styles, to not only wear these pieces for someone else but more for yourself.”

To embrace lingerie as a fashion statement on the street, Macauley plans to incorporate trending accessories in runway looks as well.

“Harnesses have been a fashion statement, combining a bond kink look and creating an exciting fashion look for just about anyone,” she added.

Although “Dynasty ” is an opportunity to share what Femme Fatale Intimates has to offer with the community, Macauley also plans to provide a space for local creatives to thrive.

“I truly love to give back to performers and creative artists [by giving] them an opportunity to show off their talents and bring a platform to feel free and express themselves on a deeper intimate level,” she said.

Macauley aims to accomplish with “Dynasty” what she already has in her Denver-based store: an ambiance like no other.

“My store has a vibe, a feeling, a need. I am fully confident that the position I am in for the Denver fashion market is unique and one of a kind – I am proud to bring to Denver a sexier Denver,” she said. 

Femme Fatale Intimates is located at 26 N Broadway St., Denver. “Dynasty” takes place the night before National Lingerie Day on April 25. Visit ffintimates.com to purchase tickets for “Dynasty,” hosted at Temple Nightclub.