Local Makeup Artist Organizes Beauty Event to Support Those Affected by the Marshall Fire

Almost three months after the Marshall Fire that devastated the Boulder County community, Broomfield resident Caryn Pine is hosting a charity event for those who lost their homes due to the fires. The event on Saturday, March 19 from 12 to 4 p.m. will provide those who lost their homes with free beauty products and guided consultations from industry professionals.

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Products collected so far that will be available at the beauty event

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The Marshall Fire on Dec. 30, 2021, destroyed over 1,000 homes in the Lousiville and Superior areas and devastated the community in the process. Many individuals and families remain displaced due to increased home prices, lengthy insurance processes and more.

Pine, owner of Caryn Pine Makeup & Hair and the founder of the Colorado Pro Makeup Artist Network, has been working in the beauty industry as a Makeup Artist and Esthetician for more than 23 years. While she wasn’t impacted by the fires directly, Pine’s neighbors and friends lost their homes due to the catastrophic event. Because her home was in a pre-evacuation area, she remembers what took place that day vividly.

“The devastation was unreal. My husband described it like a fire hurricane. Some of my community members did evacuate. Nobody slept that night,” Pine said.

Pine developed the idea for the beauty event when she was dropping off items at a donation center collecting goods for victims of the fire. She realized how devastating it was for these community members to lose everything except the clothes that were on their backs that day.

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“I saw someone near the entrance in flip-flops looking for shoes. Right there on the spot, I thought, ‘there’s so much more that can be done,'” Pine said.

Makeup artists tend to have a variety of extra products that they collect as backstock or use to replenish their kits. Pine knew that her work in the beauty industry could go towards giving back to those who had lost everything on that dreadful December day.

“I thought what about putting those goodies into the hands of those that could use it the most? Past experience has shown me the power of something simple to make you feel good. Whether it is a cancer survivor that has a new lipstick that brightens her smile, or a yummy hand cream for that special senior in a nursing home,” she said.

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Marshall Fire, Caryn Pine, Caryn Pine Makeup & Hair, Marshall Fire Beauty Event

Products collected so far that will be available at the beauty event

The beauty event will feature a team of industry experts who will help the men and women affected by the Marshall Fire develop routines and regimens custom to their specific needs. Pine has been collecting all kinds of items leading up to the event, including; skincare, haircare, body products, makeup and more.

The overall mission of the event is to provide a “way to help women and men cope with what they’ve lost, to help them find joy and to make them feel good about themselves again,” Pine said. 

The event will take place at the Marshall Fire Resource & Donation Center, located in the old Nordstrom building at the Flatiron Crossing Mall. Attendees must be registered through the donation center to attend.

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Pine is asking for beauty donations leading up to the event. Products of any kind are accepted, including both full-sized or mini beauty products. Pine also established a Go Fund Me page for the event where all proceeds will be used to purchase beauty products. Contact Pine at [email protected] for more information or questions/inquiries.

All photography by Caryn Pine