Denver’s Immersive Dr. Seuss Experience Has All Your Childhood Favorites

The imagination of Dr. Seuss is coming to life in Denver. The Dr. Seuss Experience, an immersive and interactive exhibit by Kilburn Live, had its opening day on March 25 at Denver’s Centennial Promenade.

The exhibit recreates the magical worlds of Dr. Seuss’s books on a life-size scale that fans of all ages will love. Guests can expect a multi-sensory experience that transports them to the illustrations of the author’s most memorable stories like “Horton Hears a Who!,” “The Cat in the Hat,” “The Lorax” and many other timeless classics.

“We believe this immersive experience will not only capture the fascination of children but also adults who remember the books as a child, parents who are passing down the tradition and Instagram aficionados looking for the perfect backdrop,” said Kilburn Live CEO Mark Manuel.

The exhibit occupies 25,000 square feet in the Centennial Promenade. It consists of immersive installations themed after the famous Seuss characters. Additionally, the centerpiece of the attraction is an interconnected maze of thousands of suspended balloons, inspired by the artwork from “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” Fans of Dr. Seuss feel like they are stepping into the stories they read as children all the while exploring the message at the heart of each story.

Each room is a peek into the world of Dr. Seuss’ most memorable books. If you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through a field of giant pink clovers, now you can actually experience it. One room, which depicts Horton Hears a Who!, is completely covered in furry clovers you can touch, walk through and hide in. Like Horton, you will also hear a voice of a Who calling out to you from some of the clovers.

The most recognizable room would be the Cat in the Hat’s room. Painted in bright blue with household items chaotically displayed, the room encourages its guests to have fun and be messy. The Cat is also there, with its signature bowtie and tall hat, ready to chat. It will easily engage in conversation no matter the question.

However, the room with the most visual impact is The Lorax’s room. Guests get to step into a lush forest with tall colorful Seussian trees and swings they can sit on. With mirrored walls, it gives the illusion that the trees go on endlessly. Like the story, the room shows the human impact on the environment and the destruction that ensues. It’s a multisensory experience with contrasting visuals – what happens when we take care of nature and what happens if we don’t– that will stay with the guests long after they complete the Dr. Seuss Experience.

The show originally debuted in Toronto in 2019. Since then, the production has visited Houston and, most recently, Chicago. With every new city, the creators of The Dr. Seuss Experience want to inspire generations of children to explore the joy of reading and discovering new, enchanting worlds full of magic.

The Dr. Seuss Experience is now open at the Centennial Promenade. The admission price for children is $25 and $30 for adults.

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All photography provided by The Dr. Seuss Experience.