Grab Your Skis for an All-Women’s Naked Ski Lap

Photo Courtesy of Wild Barn Coffee

Strip off your ski suit and bare it all during an all-women’s naked ski lap. Wild Barn Coffee and Bluebird Backcountry are teaming up to host the Boot Tan Fest in celebration of women’s bodies and the love of backcountry skiing, just in time for Women’s History Month.

On March 15, if you are a woman or a femme-leaning non-binary individual, you can embrace your body for a chilly ski around the mountain with over 300 other women. But don’t worry if you aren’t feeling a strip in the winter’s breeze – you can also just take part in the fest at the base.

Photo Courtesy of Wild Barn Coffee

Jennifer Verrochi, the co-founder of Wild Barn Coffee (which is a fully female-owned and operated coffee company) and one of the creators of the Boot Tan Fest, explained how the birth of the nude ski lap all started with a partnership between Wild Barn Coffee and Bluebird Backcountry and a wild idea.

“It started with inspiration from our can; we call her “Nudie Judy,” Verrochi said. “That was something that my best friend and now co-founder Alyssa Evans did when she was designing my can. It was my dream for a long time to start this coffee company and kind of place ourselves in the outdoor industry. And I come from a coffee background and when I asked my friend Alyssa to design the packaging, we sat down and we were like, well, if I’m gonna start any business, it’s gonna be a business that I’m excited to get to every day. And it’s a little wild and we wanted to bring some fun and funky the coffee industry. So she drew up this little naked skier and we’ve kind of stuck with that ever since.”

Verrochi was able to make a deal with Bluebird Backcountry that if she delivered the coffee to the mountain herself, she could get a free pass for her and Evans. This led to Evans and Verrochi making friends with several employees at Bluebird and coming up with a crazy plan. Last year the duo asked Bluebird if they would allow them to plan an all-female naked lap and the owners agreed.

“Last year we had about a week to plan, which was like nothing. And it was just word of mouth. I spread it around to a few of my friends, who spread it to some girlfriends, and the day of the event we had a whiteboard in the check-in area that said ‘secret ladies event happening at 3 p.m., ask us for details.’ So at 3 p.m., 22 strangers, all these women kind of just showed up and we just started [going] up. None of us knew each other. I had two girlfriends with me, but the rest just kinda meeting. It was so fun,” said Verrochi.

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Verrochi explained that the experience of bonding with 22 different women from all different backgrounds in an almost child-like experience gave a sense of empowerment and liberation.

“I think from that moment on we were like, we need to do this and open this up to everybody because naked skiing is part of the culture but it’s always men and there’s always men around. And it’s intimidating and not everyone’s comfortable enough. And nor should we be, we’ve always taught to hide [our bodies] or [that they should] be shameful. And so, why not? If we have this platform, which is Wild Barn to create a safe space for women and Bluebird is down, why not just do this?” said Verrochi.

Boot Tan Fest has been in the planning process for a year now and the event is well thought out. Bluebird Backcountry will be rented out for the full day and there will be security around the premise to keep away from prying eyes. The fest and ski lap expect to see over 300 attendees and aim to keep the event as inclusive and accessible as possible while creating increased diversity in the backcountry community. This includes holding 20% of the event tickets for those who identify as BIPOC.

Along with that donation, Boot Tan Fest also has a scholarship program. So if you or someone you know would like to participate in the event but cannot afford to do so, you can email to access a free ticket. If you are feeling really generous, you can also sponsor half of a ticket or a full ticket for another attendee by also emailing

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If you really are not feeling brave enough to get down to your birthday suit or even ski/snowboard, you can still take part in the festival down at the base of the mountain. Boot Tan Fest offers a full vendor village chock-full of female-led brands, food, giveaways, music and more. The best part of the day? Everyone gets free tacos and beer.

Not only will the day be filled with some cheeky nudity and a full festival but the organizers also plan to produce a film surrounding the event. The possible title of the film? Full Frontal Freedom.

Verrochi explained the origin of the name: “My favorite part about the naked lap last year was, I mean, we call it full-frontal freedom. That is what my friend would say when she was skiing next to me. I asked her what she felt. She just said full-frontal freedom. And that’s hilarious. And that’s what the film will be called that we’re trying to get sponsored.”

The one true goal of Boot Tan Fest and the All-Women’s Naked Ski Lap? To feel together with other women of all types and to breathe in some fresh mountain air with full freedom.

We have been taught to cover our bodies and to be ashamed and they’ve been commercialized. And I think just like being with women of all sizes, shapes, colors, ages, you know, wrinkles, hairy or hairless. It was just like we were all one and we all felt the same feeling of togetherness. I think the coldest part of me was my teeth because I was smiling so much,” stated Verrochi.

Tickets for the Boot Tan Fest can be purchased here for $69. Bluebird Backcountry is located at 12210 Colorado 14 in Kremmling, Colorado.

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