Staying Fashionable During a Pandemic: Evolving Trends in 2022

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It has been over two years of learning to adjust to life in a global pandemic. We have had to adapt in many different ways – especially through fashion. 

As a result, the fashion industry has shifted. 

While many aren’t leaving their house as much and mostly working from home, their clothing experience has changed. Everyone is finding new ways to express their style. Many shifted from wearing formal clothes to wearing their comfiest sweatpants. This led companies to alter their inventory. 

Choosing Comfort

Instead of brands creating chic work looks, designers are embracing the new ‘sweatsuit look.’ This look consists of monochromatic sweatsuits, giving individuals a different means to express themselves while remaining comfortable. 


These sweatsuit looks are found at many different stores, including streetwear brand Jiberish. The Denver-based company offers sweatsuits in different colors and styles; including shorts, crewnecks and a variety of tops. 

The infamous “on the go look” has become our new fashion lifestyle. This correlates with the overall fashion that occurs in Colorado. A large amount of the community that lives here is always on the go. 

Luckily for us, this on-the-go look is now the newest fashion trend. 

Coloradans are buying designer sweatsuits or embracing the idea of  “dressing down.” What was once considered a carefree look has recently become the new fashion trend during the pandemic. Stores are aiming to adapt to this new look and serve their customers with the appropriate merchandise. 


Sustainable and woman-owned brand Lunya sells garments for both comfort and style. From lounge sets to comfy sweaters, these are looks that we are seeing daily as a style that is continuing to gain traction in the fashion world. 

Minimalist looks have become a huge trend as well and fashion connoisseurs are loving it. Plain and chic aesthetics have become the newest and hottest trends. This is reflected in  bland colors and often monochromatic tones, sticking to the “minimalistic look.” 

On top of clothing, Coloradans have also experimented with footwear during the pandemic. Many have gone from wearing heels and skirts or slacks and loafers to their preferred style of slippers.


Denver-based Dardano’s Shoes has many different shoes to shop from, including an extensive slipper collection. For those embracing a more comfortable look, a comfy slipper makes all the difference. 

There has also been a rise in stylish pajamas. Before the pandemic, pajamas were never something one would put much thought into, but now people have resorted to buying more “luxury” pajamas. 

Brands like Sedvana, meaning “tradition” or “habit,” offer unique sleepwear designs. Some of their outfits are versatile, making both a nighttime look as well as perfect for an outfit to work from home in, while still dressing up in a cozy but put-together way. 

Safety First

Another trend to express our fashion sense, sometimes unknowingly, is face masks. As government mandates have required individuals to wear masks throughout times in this pandemic, stores have created collections and new companies have emerged based solely on selling stylish masks. People are buying accessories for their masks as well as masks decorated with the designs that they like. This quickly became a new outlet for fashion to expand. 

Masks come in a variety of unique designs and colors, like the ones created by local brand B Fresh Gear. With a storefront at 30 W Bayaud Ave., B Fresh started by selling winter gear and soon after the pandemic broke out, they added masks to their collection. 

Getting Our Workout On

The sporty look is something that has always been around, especially in Colorado. This is another trend that has skyrocketed during the pandemic.

Activewear brand ICONI, short for “I Can Overcome, Nothing’s Impossible,” sells pieces for both men and women. The brand offers a range of different colors and styles to better suit its target market. 

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Stylish Streetwear

Another trend that is taking over is oversized clothing. Styling an oversized look is way more comfortable, making it a valid contender for pandemic fashion.

Local storefront Steadbrook has plenty of oversized fashionable looks. From trendy sets to bold streetwear looks, they offer a variety of tighter-fitting pieces while also supporting the oversized look. 

Even though some of us are still working from behind a computer screen in the comfort of our own home, there are still ways to feel inspired in terms of fashion. 

Don’t let a global pandemic stop you from expressing yourself through your fashion. Try new things you may not be comfortable trying – with a majority of these emerging trends, you may feel more comfortable as a result.

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