Buc-ee’s Announces First Colorado Location to Open by 2024

For all the relocated Texans who miss the bright glow of the famous beaver logo at Buc-ee’s, your saving grace is closer than ever. This Texas-sized gas station and convenience store plans to open its first Colorado location in Johnstown — about 50 miles from Denver— by 2024. With an already major cult following, Buc-ee’s is sure to impress us with its specialized goods and unbeatable roadside service in the near future.

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Since its beginning in 1982, Buc-ee’s continues to be a family favorite for quick and friendly road trip assistance. Complete with custom snacks, beverages, car washes, gas stations, home décor and merchandise, this pitstop has everything you may need for a driving break. Gone are the days of filthy gas station bathrooms. Buc-ee’s has won awards for the cleanest restrooms in America and continues to uphold this high-class standard.

Buc-ee’s even has a reputation of setting world records. Its New Braunfels, Texas location is home to the world’s largest convenience store sitting at a hefty 66,335 square feet. The record for the world’s longest car wash is also retained by its Katy, Texas location with 255 feet of conveyor belt. Buc-ee’s currently offers over 40 locations in Texas, Georgia, Florida and Alabama and looks forward to opening more spots nationally. Be on the lookout for its lovable beaver mascot Buc-ee and its new home in the Centennial State shortly.

Further details on the Johnstown location have yet to be announced.

All photos courtesy of Buc-ee’s via official website.