Preview — Lab Group Celebrates Charlesthefirst’s Life And Legacy

Charles Ingalls. Photo courtesy of Charlesthefirst’s Facebook.

This Saturday at Mission Ballroom, Lab Group, alongside friends, family and collaborators, will gather to commemorate the life and recent passing of Charles Elias Ingalls, known by his stage name Charlesthefirst. The event, called “You Me Us We: Charlesthefirst Memorial Benefit,” aims to honor the power of music and its community. Originally scheduled as a Charlesthefirst performance, Saturday will be an evening to cherish his life through music and connection. Lab Group will honor Ingalls’ vision by performing tracks by Charlesthefirst, Lab Group and collaborating with many artists close to the group. The night is one for reflection and celebration — a full house is expected.

The passing of Ingalls on December 10, 2021, is a powerful loss of a beloved artist and wonderful life. Ingalls perfected the soulful mix of hip-hop beats, melodic raps and experimental melodies. His production has been a thorough journey of growth and change while continuing to inspire many through his music and friendship. Growing up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Ingalls found his sound upon connecting with nature. His tracks were undeniably produced from the heart, showcasing his gift as a producer as well as the range of his spirit.

You Me Us We Poster
Photo courtesy of Lab Group Facebook.

Lab Group is the collaborative trio of electronic music producers Charlesthefirst, Supertask and Potions. The music collective was first introduced in 2018, fusing together each artist’s unique style into a dynamic and synergetic project. Fully based on the West Coast, Lab Group created a new chapter of electronic production by curating different musical backgrounds into an immersive soundscape and artist supergroup. Lab Group’s debut EP was released on July 1, 2021, showcasing the vision of the collective.

Lab Group 1 is a masterful collage of the like-minded producers’ original sounds, skillfully combining Charlesthefirst’s hip hop roots, Supertask’s meditative beats and Potion’s experimental psychedelia. The eight tracks display the perfect combination of three brilliant minds and their effortless harmony as a group. Fans attending the Charlesthefirst show in Wyoming this past May had the pleasure of hearing Lab Group’s unreleased tracks and experiencing what Ingalls and his team had curated. Artist sets went back-to-back, bringing each to the stage to display the goal of the group — producing music through creative unity.

Lab Group exemplifies the progressive nature of electronic music and the creative value of collaboration. The supergroup and their accomplishments have contributed to a growing and passionate community of electronic producers who are constantly pushing for new sounds and pulling creativity from all directions. The Lab Group debut fused the sound of the group and its collaborators with appearances by electronic artists Tsuruda, Player Dave, and tiedye ky. Each artist contributed to a timeless mix of experimental bass and hard beats.

The synergy of these artists is like the crowning jewel of the electronic-bass community. Discovering sound through a community-based process became the perfect design for music production, revolutionizing the potential of music collectives. Lab Group has brought their style and energy together as musicians but more importantly, as friends. Their passion for music exploration immersed an entire community of close collaborators and fans, united through a mutual love for music and its influence.

Lab Group
Photo courtesy of Lab Group Facebook.

Ingalls and his music will live on through the creativity and undying connection of the electronic music community. “You Me Us We” is setting out to be a memorial space for a brilliant musician and cherished friend, honoring his music and his infinite influence. Saturday will encourage community reflection and unify those who are healing. “Not a moment has passed where his absence does not ring throughout our day-to-day lives,” Lab Group wrote upon announcing the performance.

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