Luxury Bridal Designer Guillermo Pharis Brings a Showstopping Runway Collection to Denver

Elegant wedding dresses and divine couture graced the runway this weekend at a runway show featuring designer Guillermo Pharis. Hosted by Void Studios, the event on Dec. 11 bridged bridal with high fashion. 

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Pharis’ love for fashion began at a young age. His experience in the bridal industry is vast as he has worked with a variety of designers including Monique Lhuillier, Dennis Basso, Carolina Herrera, Calvin Klein and numerous Broadway costume studios. Currently, Pharis’ brand is based in New York City and Denver. 

The event was the first runway show held at Void Studios, and the unique space made for an unforgettable runway experience. The gowns stood out on a completely white backdrop. A dimensional runway allowed attendees to see pieces from every angle. 

Prior to the show, Denver model Kristian Reynolds shared an important cause with the audience. Reynolds is the founder of Go Save A Life, a nonprofit focused on spreading the word about donating kidneys to those in need of a kidney transplant. He uses his platform in the fashion industry to spread awareness and took to the stage to encourage attendees to learn more about his important work.

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Void Studios, Guillermo Pharis, WHISPER, GIA

Reynolds promoting Go Save A Life

The runway show began with Pharis’ GIA NEW YORK collection. From an elegant black floor-length velvet dress to a white gown with a green belt and black gloves, the looks illuminated the runway with an edgy take on bridal wear.

Several models adorned pastel fur coats and others wore floor-length gowns with floral or beaded embellishments. Overall, this predominantly black and white collection with several pops of color was timeless yet trendy. 

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The luxurious bridal gowns are available to clients based in both the United States and Asia. Pharis launched a collection in 2019 called WHISPER BY GUILLERMO PHARIS that was shown in New York Bridal Fashion Week in Oct. 2019. 

WHISPER stunned the audience following an intermission with a collection of gowns fit for any bride. Models graced the runway in elegant gowns featuring massive skirts, beaded embellishments, floral additions and great attention to detail.

While some of the gowns resembled typical bridal pieces, others were incredibly unique. One look included a collared choker that served as a veil. Pharis’ incredible stitching and construction were apparent through each gown. His use of a variety of materials like tulle, satin, beads, mesh, lace and more made for an absolutely stunning collection. 

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This runway show even included a more masculine look, with an entirely black suit accompanied by velvet gloves and a veil. The model wearing these pieces joined the final look on the runway and the two shared a significant kiss, gaining “oohs” and “aahs” from the audience while encapsulating the wedding aspect of the show in every sense. 

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Pharis walked the runway wearing a trendy black outfit accompanied by sunglasses and bold gold jewelry. He waved to audience members and adorned a smile to commemorate both collections. In the Denver fashion community specifically, it is rare for one designer to host an entire runway show, but Pharis proved that it could be done. 

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Void Studios, Guillermo Pharis, WHISPER, GIA

Pharis waving to the crowd

Overall, the event was a great way to kick off Void Studios’ fashion events, as the location plans to host upcoming runway shows in the new year. The space complimented the elegant gowns perfectly and alongside the food and drinks offered to guests, the event itself was one for the books.

All photography by Leonard Anderson.