Skincare Brand Esdetoi Strives to Achieve “The Essence of You”

Find the Essence of you through Esdetoi Skin Care and Makeup

Beautiful skin, confidence, and cosmetics are what make Esdetoi so unique. Created by Debbie LaBrant-Hartung in 2014, Esdetoi, meaning the “essence of you,” has shown real results with firming and correcting skin through products containing collagen. 

LaBrant-Hartung has been in the beauty industry for 40 years working hard to create amazing skincare products. Growing up in Lakewood, Colorado Debbie loved playing with Barbie dolls. “I didn’t care for the monochromatic look of Malibu Barbie. I much preferred the look of classic Barbie,” said LaBrant-Hartung. She told 303 Magazine of the time she would grab her magic markers and redo Barbies makeup to her liking. From then on she found makeup as her passion and a way for her to express herself outwardly to the world. 

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Denver Beauty, Ashlyn Carmosino, Shelby Moeller, Debbie LaBrant-Hartung, Esdetoi
Debbie LaBrant-Hartung, creator of Esdetoi

When LaBrant-Hartung was young, her parents would take her to the “Villa Italia” to spend her allowance money. She would buy makeup and hide it until Monday morning school came around. “I wasn’t allowed to wear it yet, but as soon as we got to school the blue eyeshadow and the peach lipstick came out,” said LaBrant-Hartung. Through her rebelliousness to wear makeup at school, her mom gave in and taught her how to do proper skincare as well. LaBrant-Hartung has worked hard to build up a skincare routine that works for her, thus inspiring her work today. 

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Denver Beauty, Ashlyn Carmosino, Shelby Moeller, Debbie LaBrant-Hartung, Esdetoi

Esdetoi has been in the back of LaBrant-Hartung’s mind for over 20 years. Once she retired from her 20-year tenure at Neiman Marcus, she set her brush to the blush and Esdetoi formed. All her products are imported, fair trade, chemical, gluten and paraben-free ingredients and are hand poured in small batches in Colorado.

“My brand is different in that I only create products that are better than or different than what is on the market,” said LaBrant-Hartung. She wants to bring the best quality products for all skincare wishes to come true. Esdetoi is customizable and has many products ranging from skincare to daily CC cream. 

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Her top three products are the High Heal Lip balm, Double Collagen Salve for eyes and face Balm and the Day Cream. Each product is formally tested and created from the ground up by LaBrant-Hartung herself. “People call me and say I need a jar of crack,” she said when referring to the Double Collagen Balm.

Through her makeup collection, there are many ready to wear color options of lip sticks and glitter lip gloss, as well as the option to design your own. There are many red and purple tones to add a pop of color to any favorite look.  There are also CC creams with high SPF, foundations, concealers, and a customer favorite blush pallette.

“Glitter is a neutral” as LaBrant-Hartung says, meaning there is always room for a little sparkle.

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Denver Beauty, Ashlyn Carmosino, Shelby Moeller, Debbie LaBrant-Hartung, Esdetoi

LaBrant-Hartung also offers a teeth whitening service, Look Brite. Through this service, she does a whitening session in-house along with a take-home kit for long-lasting whitening effects.

The future of Esdetoi is to continue making high-quality skincare and makeup products for all with seasonal product launches. LaBrant-Hartung will continue to personally answer all questions and “listen to customers wishes, wants and desired to create products they are looking for,” she said. Through the season Esdetoi will be offering a 15% off coupon with code 30315 available until December 24, 2021.


All photography by Shelby Moeller

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