7 New Stores to Shop In Denver This Month

The holiday’s are here! For many of us, that means the annual frantic search for the perfect gifts for all of our loved ones this season. Thankfully, Denver has become a shopping hotspot  with new retail stores popping up all around the Mile High. Whether you need the perfect gift for your hiking obsessed bestie, or some fancy footwear for the fashionistas in your life, these 7 new Denver stores have got you covered this holiday season. 

Spotlight On: Lucchese

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Where to find them: 1883 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202

The Lowdown: Disclaimer: do not walk into this store unless you are looking to fall in love. 

Founded in 1883 – which is also the street address of the new Denver store – Lucchese is an emblem of all things luxury. While the Texas based brand has expanded to offer beautiful apparel and accessories, their luxury boots remain at the sole of the company. 

“We handmake each boot in El Paso, Texas,” said Lucchese’s Director of Retail Shannon McGimsey. “We are a very big heritage brand, we’ve been doing this for 138 years.” 

Quality is above all at Lucchese. The boots are expertly handcrafted – every stitch and detail requires intricate, centuries-old processes. Utilizing the highest quality leathers and skins, every shoe within the store was unique, mesmerizing and built to last a lifetime. 

“We use the best of the finest leathers. There is nobody that has finer leathers than we do,” explained McGimsey. “Most other boot makers say ‘this is a price point we want to be at,’ so they chimp a lot of things out of the boot to reach that. We build a boot regardless of how much it costs, it’s a completely different philosophy in boot building.” 

The intricacy of Lucchese products reflect their dedication to quality, and their price tags do as well. With boots ranging from $200 to $15,000, each shoe is a wearable investment. 

While the retail spaces’ classic mountain town aesthetic draws shoppers in, it is the experience once inside that will make it hard to leave. Paired with a selection of local beers and spirits while shopping, Lucchese offers their signature custom fitting process – a personalized try-on experience – to ensure a perfect fit. 

The staff is expertly trained on boot fittings, knowing if the shoe is the correct fit simply by the sound of a foot sliding in. It is easy to fall head over heels for their boots, finding any excuse to keep them on for just a few moments longer. Their beautifully crafted products – such as their best-selling Priscilla Boot – evoke a sense of confidence that easily justifies the price-tag. 

Along with their custom-fit, Lucchese also offers a variety of customizations on the boots themselves. All styles have the ability to be transformed into a unique vision in adding custom stitching or even altering the colors of the leathers. 

While Lucchese utilizes a range of animal skins, the brand takes pride in the ethics behind their product.  

“We use government agencies for all of our leather,” explained McGimsey. “We don’t use it unless it goes through parks and wildlife. What they do is require that the animal was captured in the right way or died of natural causes … We can tell you confidently we do it the right way.” 

With the grand opening of their Denver store in the heart of downtown, and plans to open in Telluride later this Winter, Lucchese is eager to expand into the Colorado marketplace. 

“We’ve always had a great footprint here,” said McGimsey. “We know our brand is very relevant here and we just felt it was time to move into the heart of Denver. Open our own store and tell our own story.” 

Lucchese’s new Denver location can be found at 1883 16th Street, Denver, CO 80202. For more information, visit their website or find them on Instagram.

Outdoor Voices

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Where to find them: 2609 Walnut St, Denver, CO 80205

The Lowdown: Outdoor Voices has one mission: get the world moving. Founded by Tyler Haney in 2014, the Austin-based recreation brand has exploded over the last few years. With 11 stores and 2 pop-up locations around the U.S., it was only a matter of time before the brand built around #doingthings made its way to Denver. 

Opened at the end of November, Outdoor Voices’ Rino location was built to feel like an indoor playground. Staying true to the Denver vibe, the Walnut Street store includes Red Rocks inspired displays and art by local artist Sophie Birkin

Outdoor Voices describes itself as a “resource for recreation,” reminding us to find the fun in movement again. Offering both men and women’s activewear in a variety of styles, colors and fits, the store is a can’t miss for anyone who loves to move, and loves to look good while doing so. 

For more information visit outdoorvoices.com and follow along on Instagram, Facebook,  and Twitter. 


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Where to find them: 257 Fillmore St, Denver, CO 80206 

The Lowdown: Founder Michelle DeHaven opened her doors in Boulder back in 2016 with the goal of curating a collection of pieces that are both timeless and rebellious. Focused on supporting independent designers, Haven offers a wide array of unique, handmade and “effortlessly beautiful” pieces. 

Expanding into Denver, their brand new Fillmore street location offers everything from vintage, to homeware, to apothecary, to your newest closet favorites. Now partnered with her daughter Allie, the Haven duo is sure to be a new go-to for womenswear in the Mile High. 

Check out their collection at havenboulder.com and be sure to follow them on Instagram.


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Where to find them: 3000 E. First Ave #155 Denver, CO 80206

The Lowdown: Vuori calls itself an “investment in happiness.” If you’ve ever felt the soft texture of any of their pieces, you’ll know that to be true. Taking inspiration from coastal Californian style, Vuori offers premium performance apparel for both men and women. Offering activewear that is both stylish and durable, the brand has three goals: 

“We aim to make great products, be in great relationships and live extraordinary lives.” 

Launched in 2015 by founder Joe Kudla, the brand has expanded its presence from its California roots. With one other Colorado location in Boulder, the recent opening of the Cherry Creek location is a blessing for those who avoid I-25. 

For more information visit vuoriclothing.com or follow them on Instagram.  


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Photo Courtesy of Rowan on Instagram

Where to find them: 2500 E 2nd Ave Suite 110 Denver CO 80206

The Lowdown: Louisa Serene Schneider founded Rowan for the sparkly moments in life. Built on the belief that ear piercings are a special milestone, Schneider created a safe and thoughtful space to celebrate them. Each piercing is performed by a licensed nurse and done with allergy-safe, premium jewelry to ensure an amazing experience. The service is also accompanied with mindfulness cards, pushing customers to “celebrate the now.” 

With locations around New York and Connecticut – and locations opening in Miami and Atlanta – their newest Cherry Creek location is open for bookings! Running at $35 for one piercing and $50 for two, Rowan is the newest spot to add some sparkle to your day. 

For more information or to book an appointment, visit heyrowan.com or follow them on Instagram. 


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Photo Courtesy of Tecovas

Where to find them: 3030 East 2nd Ave Unit 102, Denver, CO 80206

The Lowdown: Celebrating their 20th retail store and their second Colorado location, Tecovas is opening in Denver just in time for the latest trend – cowboy boots. Offering handmade, direct-to-consumer cowboy boots, the new Cherry Creek location will carry their classic, timeless styles, all while offering boot customization. 

Each Tecova product takes a team of trained artisans, with over 200 steps required to assemble each boot. The company prides themselves on craftsmanship and material, creating beautiful products to last a lifetime. The retail location will offer custom leather debossing and complimentary boot shines, not to mention a selection of Topo Chico and local beers while you shop. 

To shop their products, visit Tecovas.com or check them out on Instagram. 

Park Hill Treasures

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Photo Courtesy of Park Hill Treasures

Where to find them: 6035 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

The Lowdown: What was once a local bank branch has transformed into Denver’s newest curation of local vendors, crafters and makers. Opened at the end of November, Park Hill Treasures was founded by three local women – Kate Hakala, Suzie Chierchie, and Emily Henke-Groves – hoping to find a space to sell the beautiful pieces they have collected over the years. 

The Colfax location has the ability to host over 70 local vendors, with a focus on sustainable, repurposed and eco-friendly products. It’ll be the perfect spot to pick up those last minute holiday gifts, as well as support a small, female-owned business!

For more information about the store or to learn about vendor opportunities, call the store at 720-701-2644.

As Denver continues to grow, there are incredible opportunities for businesses – both large and small – to make their mark on the Mile High. Offering everything from boots, to activewear, to antiques, and more, you are sure to find the perfect holiday gifts for anyone on your nice list.