We Tried It – A Laughing Gas Wax at BALD Denver

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If you have ever gotten any sort of hair removal service, you know it is not exactly an appointment you look forward to. If you haven’t, take a moment to watch the waxing scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin and come back to me.

All hair removal is undeniably painful but is a service over 80% of women partakes in. For so long, many of us have seen this as a necessary evil, succumbing to the notion that beauty really is pain.

That is, until BALD Denver. Known around the country for its unique approach to hair removal, this medical spa offers nitrous oxide as a measure of pain relief in all of its services. We decided to give it a shot and see if laughing gas really is the future of the beauty industry.

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, BALD Denver, We Tried It

The Basics

Located in the heart of LoHi, BALD is a local go-to for everything from botox to waxing to tattoo removal. Founded by licensed physician anesthesiologist Dr. Falan Mouton, it is one of the only MedSpa’s in the country to offer nitrous oxide — AKA laughing gas — with its services.

“Hair removal is painful, and it requires pain relief to do it comfortably. It can be done without, but why?” Mouton said. “People these days just remove a lot more hair than they did in previous generations. We wear less clothes, we remove more hair — both men and women.”

You likely know laughing gas from the dentist’s office, but it is used for pain relief across all medical fields and is effective even in alleviating labor pain.

Laughing gas is extremely safe because it’s very short-acting,‘ she said. “Nitrous is biologically active; it dissolves in the blood just enough to get to the brain and make you feel all drunk and giddy, but when you breathe it out it goes away. It’s like a helium balloon.”

In layman’s terms, it’s going to get you feeling drunk, but not too drunk that you can’t drive home.

BALD has found their method to be extremely effective, claiming that the laughing gas reduces the pain of a Brazilian wax by up to 75%. If you’ve ever had a Brazilian, you’ll know that number is shockingly impressive.

Best of all, nitrous oxide is accompanied by very few side effects — the worst being nausea or lightheadedness from over-administering, which wears off once you stop inhaling the gas. This is why BALD allows you to self-administer the laughing gas, as you know better than anyone how it is affecting your body.

Nitrous oxide is offered with all of BALD’s services. The spa’s extensive menu includes electrolysis, laser hair removal, waxing, tattoo removal, botox and fillers. 

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, BALD Denver, We Tried It

The Experience

I’d like to start this off with a formal apology to the lovely aesthetician, Marri, who performed my service. The laughing gas hit me a little harder than I thought it would, and she was forced to listen to me ramble like a drunken lunatic for 30 minutes.

Like anyone walking into a wax appointment, I was more nervous than excited about the hour ahead. In an effort to keep this article PG, I had opted to do an area that I had never waxed before and, as a dark haired Italian, the most tedious: my armpit.

The staff was incredibly sweet and welcoming as I checked in and perused around the lobby — which doubles as a bookstore —  focusing my attention on the colorfully designed bookshelves rather than the hair about to be ripped out of my body. 

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, BALD Denver, We Tried It

First Mouton ushered me to a private room where she carefully explained the services I was about to receive. We went over a brief medical history to ensure I was a safe candidate for both the waxing and the nitrous oxide, and then discussed the basics of the service she was about to perform.

After laying down the basics, it was time to move on to the good stuff — laughing gas.

My only experience with laughing gas prior to this appointment had been at the dentist, which truthfully made me a bit nervous. It’s one thing getting loopy in the dentist’s office, it’s another doing it while trying to maintain journalistic integrity.

Mouton was extremely thoughtful and detailed in explaining the benefits and safety of using nitrous oxide in these types of services. Since BALD allows you to self-administer your laughing gas, it provides a small tube to inhale from whenever you feel the need to throughout your service. No one knows your pain levels besides you, and this allows you to find your own perfect amount of laughing gas to provide relief and prevent lightheadedness from over-administering.

That being said, I probably still overdid it a little bit. As my aesthetician was prepping the wax, she instructed me to take six deep inhales of the nitrous oxide before starting the service. I felt the effects instantly, similar to that giddy feeling after having a few too many glasses of wine.

I was on cloud nine and she started the wax, rambling drunken nonsense about how fun it would be to move to Costa Rica as she was ripping the hair out of my armpit. Taking sporadic sips of gas throughout the service, I can truthfully say I felt pretty much nothing throughout the whole service. The laughing gas brought the pain of waxing down from a 10 to a three, feeling more of a pinching sensation than a ripping. 

After about 20 minutes of poor Marri listening to me giddily babble about nothing, I had myself some red but very hairless armpits. I had cut myself off from the gas a few minutes prior, and the drunk feeling (thankfully) wore off before I even walked out to the lobby.

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, BALD Denver, We Tried It

The Verdict

Once you get a laughing gas wax, there is simply no going back.

As someone who has frequently gotten waxed without any form of pain relief, Mouton’s statement rings true: Why not? The use of laughing gas brought down the pain of my service significantly, and I was incredibly impressed with the results. Personally, I will definitely be going back for a laser service, and to get a little mid-day laughing gas drunk.

Moulin firmly believes that, “It’s not how you look in your clothes, it’s how you feel under them.” BALD is undeniably leading the way for the future of the beauty industry, providing a safe space to feel comfortable in your body and reminding all of us that beauty does not have to mean pain.

BALD Denver is located at 2544 15th St., Denver. To learn more about its services or to schedule an appointment, visit the website or call 720.767.0770To stay up to date on holiday pricing specials, follow them on Instagram

All photos courtesy of BALD Denver.