RiNo’s Denver Picnic Co. Makes Every Day a Picnic

All through the summer months, you cannot take a stroll through any Denver park without seeing a crowd of picnickers happily basking in the Colorado sun. Picnic season is a staple here in Colorado, yet there are two big problems with our favorite time of year.

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For one, it is a daunting task to carry your picnic gear in and out of the park. From tables to chairs to games, it takes a team to put together even the most simple of picnics. Two, the short Colorado season — colder months and windy nights bringing our favorite season to a close. Thankfully, Denver Picnic Co. — The local favorite picnic event company and newest pop-up store – works to make every day a celebration. 

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, Denver Picnic Co, RiNo

Photo Courtesy of Denver Picnic Co. on Instagram

Kassi and Sofia Beer made the jump from sisters-in-law to business partners in May of 2020, but the idea for Denver Picnic Co. came long before that. Avid Jazz in the Park goers, they would haul their picnic set up in and out of City Park.

“We realized it was so annoying to have to lug stuff in and out. We kept saying ‘I would pay someone to do this,’ Kassi said.

It wasn’t long before they realized they could be the ones to do it. Inspired by the popularity of decorative picnic businesses in beach towns such as San Diego, the Beers realized they had found an untapped market in Denver.

While this business plan remained as merely a dream for many months, job losses during the COVID-19 pandemic finally pushed the duo to take the leap. They officially launched Denver Picnic Co. that May, and it was a hit from the very start. 

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, Denver Picnic Co, RiNo

Photo Courtesy of Denver Picnic Co. on Instagram

“It was crazy. We were driving around with balloons in our face, just driving park to park to park… We would get up together, roll our silverware and get it all together, pile it all into our cars and be out of the house from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m,” Kassi explained.

And for good reason. Their picnics are far from your average basket and blanket set up. Offering beautifully curated table settings, color schemes and charcuterie boards from Fig and Honey, Denver Picnic Co. takes the hassle out of picnicking by doing all the work for you. After booking with them, all your party is responsible for is arriving at the picturesque picnic set up completely personalized to you. 

“It’s just really cute and fun. Picnics are about connection at the heart of it, sitting on the floor and getting together,” Sofia said.

Hosting everything from large parties to one-on-one dates — chivalry isn’t dead everyone — Denver Picnic Company has become a favorite for Denverites looking for a unique way to spice up their park days. The past two summers have been a massive success, hosting an endless number of private parties and even a summer rooftop series throughout the warmer months.

While the outdoor picnics go as long as the seasons allow, Kassi and Sofia were faced with a new challenge: maintaining their business throughout the colder Colorado months. While last year they focused their efforts on building Good Neighbor boxes — curated gift boxes featuring a number of local products — this year they have decided to move the picnic party indoors to a brand new pop-up space in Rino. 

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, Denver Picnic Co, RiNo

Photo Courtesy of Denver Picnic Co.

“We always knew that this would land in a brick and mortar situation,” Sofia said. “We want to show everyone how awesome it is to have a unique way of gathering. It’s different. People connect on a different level when you are sitting down low with them.”

Hosting events for parties from anywhere from two to 75 people, the Larimer Street pop-up is a cute, cozy space to gather through the winter months. The duo has brought their unique picnic set-ups indoors, creating a picturesque event space for bridal and baby showers, proposals and even company events.

“There’s so much use for this sweet little space. It’s intimate enough for you to have a small workshop but it’s big enough to have a large party. There is such a need for a space like this in Denver”

And use it they have. On top of booking their usual private picnic parties, the Beer team has organized a number of fun and unique events of their own. Since the opening of the space at the beginning of November, they have hosted numerous “Women in Business Mixers.” As two female entrepreneurs, they hope to offer a stunning place for young professionals in the Denver area to gather and connect over a picnic table.

“Women when they get the opportunity to get together, to share their heart and their journey and their failures, magic happens. Every time I’ve done something like that I’ve left feeling so empowered,” Sofia said.

Lexy Donaldson, 303 Magazine, Denver Picnic Co, RiNo

Photo Courtesy of Denver Picnic Co.

These events are just the beginning. With the ability to host up to three picnics per day, the possibilities are endless for the growing company. The sister-in-law team plan to host workshops, small concerts and a number of other events in the picnic setting throughout the winter, shaping Denver Picnic Co. up to be RiNo’s newest hangout spot. 

The Denver Picnic Company pop-up space is located at 2605 Larimer St #2218, Denver. To learn more about their events and booking private parties, check out their website or follow them on Instagram