Asking For Help This Holiday Season, Destigmatized

Natty Yacoub, 303 Magazine, Tula, Megan Trask, Cody Galloway

It’s 2021 — and we’re done pretending we can do it all on our own. For decades, we have been told it’s “normal” to wear multiple hats, and more importantly, wear them well. So many of us juggle climbing the corporate ladder, building a home/family life, being a good friend/neighbor and not to mention baking cupcakes for your kid’s classroom birthday party. Megan Trask and Cody Galloway, founders of Denver startup TULA, understood this best and built an entire business on the notion that you are only human and it’s okay, no — it’s encouraged — to ask for help. TULA is an on-demand personal and virtual assistant service created to give you more balance and time in your days.

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Natty Yacoub, 303 Magazine, Tula, Megan Trask, Cody Galloway
Founders Megan Trask and Cody Galloway

Trask and Galloway are best friends, mothers and now co-founders of TULA. The duo organically searched for this type of assistant service to help alleviate some of the stressors of their daily lives and found it did not exist. Trask decided it was time to “make it easier to ask for help,” as she put it. Being the business-savvy ladies that they are, the two best friends set out to create an on-demand personal assistant service that helped them achieve work/life balance. In fact, TULA is so devoted to balance that the very name TULA actually means “balance” in Sanskrit.

This holiday season TULA is giving the most precious gift of all — time. This local business understands that your time is the most valuable thing you have and aims to ensure you have the choice to spend your time doing the things that matter most to you. Their team of vetted assistants service Denver, Boulder and recently Austin, Texas through their monthly online subscription app or directly on their website.

How It Works

But what tasks can they help with? According to the founders, there is no task too grand for their team of detail-orientated and energetic assistants. TULA assistants can help wrap holiday presents, plan Christmas Eve dinner parties and even make a gingerbread house for a child’s holiday party. Some assistants specialize specifically in graphic or interior design. The one thing all TULA assistants are trained in is to share the joy of making your life easier. The most fulfilling and surprising moment for Trask was discovering how “impactful TULA has been for both clients and assistants”  — which is clearly shown in their retention rate of over 85% for both clients and assistants.

But how does it work? Essentially, you build a to-do list for your TULA assistant and pay for a specific number of hours per month. You can customize monthly plans that fit both your desired hours of help and your budget. TULA then matches you with a vetted and savvy assistant who works to complete all the tasks under each specified timeline. And just like that, you can kiss the lingering stress of crossing those tasks off your to-do list goodbye!

As Galloway says, it’s important to “create a life you want to live [and] offload the things that don’t serve you.” With TULA,  you can rest assured that this holiday season all the little tasks on your to-do list have a team of elves ready to help you tackle them.

Photos courtesy of TULA Life Balanced LLC.



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