High Ground Music Festival To Capture Colorado’s Essence This Weekend

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On Saturday, October 2 at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver, High Ground Music Festival will meld the physical world with the spiritual one. With 360° views of the city and surrounding mountains and passionate EDM performances, revelers will be able to join together and kick off the fall season. Born out of a conversation between friends, High Ground promises to bring a unique experience to the EDM scene in Colorado. This “high-dea” is the first of its kind and pushes against the grain of what is traditionally seen in an electronic music festival. Filled with chill vibes and electronic music that features elements of jam, funk, indie and alternative sounds, the spirituality-based festival will truly capture Colorado’s distinctive essence.

High Ground is designed for those who wish to dive deeper and discover something new,” said the Director of High Ground Music Festival, Noah Levinson. “We’ve built the importance of nature and spirituality deeply into the branding of the festival, and since we’re creating a community around the experience as a whole, we beckon our Revelers to embrace these messages in a way that is meaningful for themselves.”

High Ground
Photo courtesy of High Ground.

High Ground creators have implemented unique and previously unseen ways for festival-goers to connect with the music and their surroundings. Their partnership with the app, Radiate, is the first exciting connectivity opportunity fans can enjoy. The app-based community for festival-goers around the world will allow future attendees to add photos to the High Ground feed and connect with other fans before the festival on Saturday.

Additionally, the Coloradan event will feature three “spirits” who will guide guests on their High Ground journey and help them connect to themselves and nature throughout the day. The Black Bear, Elk and Grey Wolf offers unique perspectives to individuals and help with their spiritual progression.

According to High Ground, each of these native Coloradan animals communicates a message to guests. The Black Bear represents the power to stand against adversity, the Elk represents strength, stamina, endurance, patience and community, and the Grey Wolf represents freedom, intelligence and a deep connection with the inner self. Together, these spirits offer messages that form the pillars of the High Ground community.

“Our goal was to infuse this storyline and Colorado elements into every aspect of the festival, and while Revelers can expect to find these elements throughout High Ground, we are excited to reinvigorate the story, add details, subplots and more for years to come.”

Ultimately, the intricate and detailed aspects of this festival all go back to helping the local community. Creating positivity, connectivity and new beginnings however, is the main focus of the festival — especially after all the hardships the world has experienced together.

“The theme of this year’s festival is ‘rebirth,’ especially coming out of such a difficult 1.5 years. High Ground is a place where we can come together for a day of positive energy and rekindling of spirits. To the core, High Ground is a festival designed by locals for the local community. We have made it a point to work with Denver-local production, team leads, staff and volunteers. Over 65% of our lineup is local to Denver.

Among many of the headliners featured at High Ground are EDM legends Snakehips and Kasbo. Known for their hits “All My Friends” and “The Little Things” the groovy artists will make a splash on stage and set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

High Ground
Photo courtesy of High Ground.

The local lineup is worth seeing as well. EDM fans around Denver will recognize names such as Bass Physics, jackLNDN, Lucy Daydream, Shae District and Who’s Calling. The extreme attention to detail Levinson and others put into the festival is what will make it truly iconic. None of these artists have been randomly chosen – each submission was attentively listened to and chosen based on sounds and styles that will best contribute to the festival atmosphere.

The different vendors and unique experiences will also add to the music-filled day. The marketplace within High Ground will feature vendors of all varieties. Additionally, attendees will be able to check out local art present and partake in experiences such as Backyard Soda Co Lounge, the XDenver Experience, the SoundDown Dome and several other on-site activities. With two stages and over 23 artists, EDM fans will be able to take a breath of fresh air and embrace all things chill and vibey with the debut of High Ground Music Festival.

High Ground Music Festival debuts Saturday, October 2 at 12 p.m. located at Levitt Pavilion Denver (1380 W. Florida Ave. Denver, 80223. Doors open at 12 p.m. This is an 18+ event. Presale Parking Passes can be purchased here. Tickets are limited but are available here.

Check out the full High Ground Music Festival lineup and set times below:

Saturday, October 2, 2021

High Ground Stage:

12 p.m.: Who’s Calling

12:40 p.m.: Shae District 

1:20 p.m.: Lucy Daydream

2 p.m.: jackLNDN

2:45 p.m.: Bass Physics

3:30 p.m.: pluko

4:35 p.m.: Chet Porter 

5:40 p.m.: Haywyre

6:45 p.m.: Louis Futon

8 p.m.: Kasbo 

9:15 p.m.: Snakehips 

Levitate Stage:

12 p.m.: Erin Stereo

12:35 p.m.: Costello

1:10 p.m.: w/out

1:45 p.m.: Lemondoza

2:20 p.m.: Kid Astronaut

3 p.m.: Musa

3:40 p.m.: Spirah 

4:20 p.m.: ShyGuy

5 p.m.: Mux Mool

5:45 p.m.: LYFTD

6:30 p.m.: Łaszewo

7:15 p.m.: Waxcat


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