9 Places To Get Iced Coffee and Tea in Denver this Summer

It is safe to say this summer in Denver has been less than ideal. With temperatures over 90 degrees for 45 consecutive days, not to mention the air pollution, the weather has made it difficult for Denverites to spend their time outdoors.

One thing that can help is caffeine on the rocks. Whether it’s a classic boba tea or a new iced coffee concoction, Denver has a variety of spots where you can get an icy caffeinated drink to power through this blistering summer.

Here’s our list of the best iced coffee and tea spots in Denver to combat the heat.

Corvus Coffee

Corvus Coffee

The Kyoto Amber. Photo by Corvus Coffee Roasters via Facebook

Where: 1740 S. Broadway, Denver | 4925 S. Newport St., Denver | 5846 S. Wadsworth Blvd., Littleton

The Lowdown: Nestled in the heart of South Broadway, Corvus Coffee is one of the hippest spots in the neighborhood. Known nationwide for its coffee-beer hybrid, Corvus offers elevated options for coffee lovers. Its iced coffee now features seasonal blends for the 2021 summer. Choose their New Orleans cold brew, a blend of chicory and vanilla, or go for something more adventurous like the Kyoto Amber. Additionally, you can buy cans of their Nitro Cold Brews online.

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Wash Perk

Wash Perk Coffee

Photo by Wash Perk via Facebook

Where: 853 E. Ohio Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: If you’re planning a walk around Washington Park, you must stop first at Wash Perk. Just a few blocks away from the park, the quaint coffee shop offers a variety of iced coffee options. Since the pandemic began, they only take orders to go. Enjoy a standard iced latte with non-dairy alternatives like almond or oat milk. Also, their honey cinnamon latte and turmeric latte are worth waiting in line for.

Vinh Xuong Bakery II

Vinh Xuong Coffee

Photo by Vinh Xuong Bakery via Facebook

Where: 2370 W. Alameda Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: When it comes to Vinh Xuong Bakery, you come for the baked goods but you stay for the Vietnamese iced coffee. Voted in 2015 by Westword as having the best iced coffee in Denver, Vinh Xuong Bakery knows it has a winning recipe. The traditional Vietnamese-style iced coffee starts off with a dark roast for a punch, sweetened in the way of condensed milk for a deeper flavor that sugar can’t accomplish. Don’t forget to order a sesame ball or a cookie with your new favorite drink.


Hoja Denver

Cafe de Olla. Photo by HOJA via the official website

Where: 1284 S. Pearl St., Denver

The Lowdown: HOJA focuses on high quality and local ingredients to offer some vegan meals, baked goods and authentic Mexican dishes. Aesthetically pleasing with its light interiors and endless cacti in terracotta pots, the little eatery invites guests to mellow out and enjoy a drink. Like its house specialty, Café de Olla. Translated to “coffee from a pot,” this drink is a Mexican spiced coffee. Traditionally, it is prepared in a clay pot and flavored with cinnamon, cloves, star anise and oranges. HOJA serves it cold with almond milk and piloncillo syrup.

Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee

Photo by Novo Coffee via Facebook

Where: 1600 Glenarm Pl., Denver | 3617 W. 32nd Ave., Denver | 1700 E. 6th Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: Even if you haven’t been to one of Novo’s locations, you have probably tasted their roast in another coffee shop in Denver. With a mission to connect great coffee producers to the consumers, Novo Coffee is always striving to find the best coffee beans from all over the world. Their selection includes roasts from Central America, Africa and South America, guaranteeing a spectacular iced coffee.

Bardo Coffeehouse

Bardo Coffee

Photo by Bardo Coffeehouse via Facebook

Where: 238 S Broadway, Denver

The Lowdown: Known as Denver’s late-night coffeehouse, Bardo serves a long list of coffee drinks, iced or hot. Enjoy a classic vanilla latte or try their “blondie,” flavored with caramel and white chocolate. Additionally, you can try something bolder like their Mocha Framboise, espresso with steamed milk flavored with dark chocolate and raspberry. You can also try their bottled, ready-to-go Nitro Cold Brew.

Boba Touch

Boba Touch

Photo by Boba Touch via Facebook

Where: 3107 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

The Lowdown: The family-owned boba shop in Colfax shows how iced coffee is not the only way to get a refreshing caffeinated drink this summer. Known for its tapioca pearls that compliment the sweet milky tea, boba tea is a great treat if you are looking for something new. From oolong to earl grey, the combinations for a boba tea are endless.

If you still crave an iced coffee with a twist, try the House Coffee, a blend of condensed milk, Thai coffee and cream cheese foam.

Tea Street

Tea Street

Photo by Tea Street via official website

Where: 4090 E Mississippi Ave, Denver

The Lowdown: Founded by a brother and sister duo native to Colorado, Tea Street celebrates everything related to tea culture. From fruity teas to classic Jasmine to milk teas, this modern-styled shop teaches people the many ways you can drink tea, including boba. Order one of their milk teas, like Thai Milk Tea or Caramel Milk Tea, and top it with some tapioca pearls for a refreshing treat.

BeauTea Bubbles

Beautea bubbles

Photo by BeauTea Bubbles via Facebook

Where: 723 Quebec St, Denver

The Lowdown: BeauTea Bubbles opened up near Aurora with one purpose — to make the best boba tea. From the traditional royal with black tea and creamer with boba, to other milk teas like green Thai and matcha, this boba shop has something for everyone.

It also serves Vietnamese iced coffee and sweet snacks like marble cakes and mini mochi.