This Week In Concerts – Kayla Ruby, Float Like a Buffalo, Jaksan And More

It’s officially spring and artists are emerging from their creative cocoons ready to play live concerts again. As Denver and the rest of Coloradans receive their vaccinations, live music venues are slowly preparing to take off. Since lockdown restrictions began a year ago, venues (following city guidelines) have made the most of their limited capacity events. Masks are required at all venues, seating capacity is calculated for safe enjoyment and of course, the COVID dial remains present to assure our accountability.

That said, despite such dramatic changes in operations, it’s uplifting to see venues like Globe Hall and The Mile High Station sell out this week. Who knew a Beethoven Tribute would be such a hot commodity? If you missed your chance at those venues, then check out Electronic Tuesdays at The Black Box or classic jazz at Nocturne weekly. Whatever it is, there’s something for everyone this week in concerts.

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The Black Box

3/23 – Electronic Tuesdays: Cap’n Swivler, Skvlly, Gabe Young, Dimethyldreamz, Social Turtle

3/25 – James Grebb

3/25 – Altitude Sickness Takeover: Subliminal b2b Curly 1, Ray Jay b2b Sin 7, Miss Felix, Steve Relich

3/26 – Kyral x Banko with Mport (early show)

3/26 – Kyral x Banko with Templo (late show)

3/26 – Locals In The Lounge: Tony Knight, Dr1zzle, Bucksworth, Runt, Homie

3/27 – Kyral x Banko with Mport (early)

3/27 – Kyral x Banko with MZG (late)

3/27 – Seen B-Day Bash: Seen, Samyaza Sound System, Jyanimga, R. Stelly

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

Float Like a Buffalo

Photo courtesy of Float Like a Buffalo on Facebook

3/24 – Float Like A Buffalo (early)

3/24 – Float Like A Buffalo (late)

3/26 – John Craigie (early)

3/26 – John Craigie (late)

3/27 – John Craigie (early)

3/27 – John Craigie (late)


3/24 – The Shamen Sextet

3/24 – The Shamen Sextet (livestream)

3/25 – Amaya Arevalo

3/26 – Matt Skellenger Quartet

3/26 – Matt Skellenger Quartet (livestream)

3/27 – Stafford Hunter and Continuum

3/27 – Stafford Hunter and Continuum (livestream)

3/28 – Dotsero

3/28 – Dotsero (livestream)

Goosetown Tavern

3/26 – Cosmic Charles

3/27 – Eric Golden Band

Grizzly Rose

3/24-3/29 – Matt Rogers

Herman’s Hideaway

3/24 – New Talent Showcase: Hoam, Talk Box

3/25 – Laboon, Zingaro, Fat Brando, The Sleep Demons, Old 40

3/26 – The Pot with Glass, Helix, Lullabies To Paralyze

3/27 – Buck’d Off, Lo Becker Band

3/28 – Awake In Ashes, Backroom Velvet, Shovelhead 66, Leonardo Leonardo, Wild Willie

Larimer Lounge

Moonglade, weekly concerts, this week in concerts

Moonglade. Photo courtesy of Moonglade on Facebook.

3/25 – Hard Blue (early)

3/25 – Hard Blue (late)

3/28 – Moonglade

Lost Lake

3/25 – Jack Hadley (early)

3/25 – Jack Hadley (late)

3/26 – The Smokestack Relics (early)

3/26 – The Smokestack Relics (late)

3/27 – Bass And Sound With The Cowards (early)

3/28 – Lemmy’s Child (early)

3/28 – Lemmy’s Child (late)


3/24 – Spherio

3/25 – Jack Dunlevie Trio

3/26 – Taylor Clay Quartet

3/27 – GoodRattle Hardbop Quintet

3/28 – The Peter Olstad Quartet


Number Thirty-Eight

3/26 – Elle Michelle & Her Bluegrass Friends Pickin on Dead

3/27 – Roots Music Project: Fresh Fruit! (trio), Lucas Wolf, Iz Devine

3/28 – Joe Teichman

The Oriental Theater

3/25 – Fundraiser For The Oriental Theater: Creatives in Motion

3/26 – Still The Same, Message In A Bottle

3/27 – Kayla Ruby, Luke Mills & The Highway Drifters (early and late)

Roxy on Broadway

lee clark allen band, lee clark allen, weekly concerts

Lee Clark Allen Band. Photo courtesy of Lee Clark Allen on Facebook.

3/24 – Alex Creamer

3/25 – Shawn Nelson

3/26 – Lee Clark Allen Band

3/27 – DJ Couchman, Bear and the Beasts

3/28 – DJ Reubot

Swallow Hill

3/27 – Chris Smither

3/27 – Taj Mahal & Fantastic Negrito

3/28 – Madison Cunningham

The Venue

3/24 – Open Stage

3/25 – Big Gemini, Dank1, Kra-Z-Spirit, Bobby Tek and more

3/26 – Those Crazy Nights, Badco, Dark Red Sky

3/27 – Johnny Got Rox, Last Chance Texaco, Drop Point Hero

Your Mom’s House

Photo courtesy of Your Mom’s House on Facebook

3/23 – Open Jam

3/26 – Jaksan (early)

3/26 – Jaksan (late)

3/27 – Xcobra, Dean Martian, EarthOne, Jay-Oval and more