Melanie Joyce Designs for the Confident and Versatile Woman

From a young age, fashion designer Melanie Joyce knew she wanted a future in the industry. In middle school, she found herself drawn to sketching design ideas and carefully selecting stylish outfits for the next day. As an adult, Joyce had jobs ranging from an executive trainee to a personal stylist and wardrobe consultant. Her intention to create a place for herself in the industry came from both her intuition and professional experiences.  Moreover, these ventures led her to realize her dreams.

“I started a business as a wardrobe consultant while obtaining my Masters of Fine Art. My goal was to help those I worked with look and feel their best. I also gained a better understanding of different body types as I worked with both men and women,” explained Joyce.

After Joyce graduated with her degree in Fashion Design, she held a contract position as an Adjunct Professor. “I intend to continuously challenge and educate myself in my field. When you’re an instructor, you not only challenge your students but yourself as well. It’s imperative to continue to learn and grow within your industry,” said Joyce.

Joyce’s brand, Melanie Joyce, came to fruition in 2016. One thing Joyce knew for sure is she wanted a business of her own — the thought of working for someone else lacked appeal. However, she is appreciative of her professional experiences — these led her to eventually start a brand of her own.

Melanie Joyce white dress
Photo by Marque Anthony Photography

“I want to have artistic control over the designs I create. I understand the woman I design for has the desire for statement pieces she can incorporate in her wardrobe. In addition, elevated classics that can grow with her style. In the same way, I design for the woman who is graceful and appreciates a level of exclusivity. I want the person who wears Melanie Joyce to feel a heightened level of confidence,” stated Joyce. 

Joyce’s design aesthetic is to create elevated classics and statement pieces. Moreover, the current focus of her business caters to womenswear. Anything from dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and more are her specialty for her customer base. One useful attribute tied to these pieces is they are very versatile. Whether you want to go to dinner, network at an event or go to the office, these pieces are made for multiple occasions.

“I start with a consultation with my potential client to find out their needs and desires for a custom piece. If they choose to move forward with one or more of the designs sketched for them, the custom process will begin,” said Joyce.

“Confidence comes from within. However, how we adorn our bodies can raise our level of confidence — if we are wearing something we feel beautiful in. Moreover, the intention of fitting the garment properly, choosing silhouettes and creating designs that highlight the form are a few ways the goal of raising our client’s confidence level can be achieved in a Melanie Joyce custom piece,” explained Joyce.

Melanie Joyce polka dot
Photo by Kymora Jaxson Photography

Joyce draws inspiration for both her collections and custom garments in very different, but thoughtful ways. For example, when she has a collection on her hands she thinks about how multiple pieces will look together to create a cohesive set. Whether this inspiration comes from something she sees outside in nature, to a building that executes charm. Furthermore, Joyce can find beauty from her own perspective.

When Joyce creates custom pieces she draws inspiration directly from the client. “I will pull inspiration from how the client would like to feel, the intended use of the garment, their body type, season, fabric and colors they love. Moreover, some clients may have some ideas in mind. From those ideas I sketch designs that incorporate their vision and merge the information I gathered to create the design(s),” explained Joyce.

One unique attribute contributed to the Melanie Joyce brand is the #SwankStyleSociety. Joyce created this club for members so they have access to special deals, pricing, limited editions and more. In addition, members have the opportunity to be featured on the Swank Style Society page on Instagram.

Melanie Joyce has the passion and creativity to continue to excel in her brand. She has many goals to continue to grow in the years ahead. Joyce will specifically focus on creating quality products. “As a designer, my intention is to remain passionate about my craft while serving my clients. Time, detail, attention, intention, creativity and passion have gone into creating garments. I hope the patrons of Melanie Joyce love and appreciate these things in the future,” said Joyce.

Melanie Joyce gray dress
Photo by Melanie Joyce

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