Still Shaving? 5 Reasons to Ditch Your Razor for Laser Hair Removal! 

Let’s face it. No one loves their shaving routine. It’s inconvenient at the best of times and painful—hello razor burn and shaving nicks—at the worst of times. Shaving is just something we do to temporarily get the smooth, hair-free skin we all want.

But at one time or another, you’ve probably dreamed about never having to twist yourself into a pretzel again to remove the hair in those hard to reach places… and you don’t need to! 

We talked to the laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal about ditching the razor, and here are the top five reasons to ditch your razor for laser hair removal.

1. Permanent Results 

With shaving, you’re only removing a portion of the hair, and it will simply grow back in a few hours or days. On the other hand, each laser hair removal treatment will provide you with permanent results when done properly. 

That’s because, during the treatment, a laser pulse is delivered directly to the hair follicle, which destroys it so that it can never grow again. That being said, new hair follicles can become active for a variety of reasons such as pregnancy, menopause, or genetics, and new hair can grow. 

Most places that offer laser hair removal services sell packages of six or nine sessions, just keep in mind that at these places, you’ll probably need to buy more packages or pay touch-up fees down the road. Your best option is to find a place that offers unlimited laser hair removal sessions for life at no additional cost like they do at Milan Laser.

2. Skin Irritation

When you think about it from your skin’s perspective, the process of shaving is very abrasive. You’re dragging razor blades over uneven surfaces to cut the hair as flat against your skin as possible. Even razors that are advertised as “flexible” are going to irritate and damage your skin. 

Since shaving only offers temporary results, you’ll need to do it frequently. At best, this constant friction can leave your skin dry, itchy, and painful. However, it can easily lead to angry, red bumps and razor burn—which is probably worse than stubble when you’re trying to get smooth skin. Plus, because you have to continue shaving to maintain your results, your skin rarely has time to heal from this damage, which can lead to extended outbreaks of ingrown hairs and razor burn. With laser hair removal, you don’t have to worry about skin irritation because the laser removes unwanted hair without damaging the skin

3. Cost

Shaving may seem less expensive, however, it’s an endless expense. You’ll only ever get temporary results, and will always need to keep investing time and money into maintaining those results.

Now let’s say that on average, you spend $30 a month on shaving supplies. That means your yearly expenses would be $360. Now, since it’s not permanent, let’s assume you’ll shave for 50 years. That would mean that in your lifetime, you’d spend $18,000 on your shaving routine.

When you compare that to the cost of laser hair removal, it’s easy to see that you’ll save money—not to mention time—with the permanent results that you can get with laser hair removal. Also, most places offer payment plans to help make it more affordable. For instance, Milan offers no-interest laser hair removal payment plans with payments that can be as low as $29 a month. 

4. Pain

While it doesn’t exactly tickle, laser hair removal is significantly less painful than waxing, and any discomfort fades much faster than the annoying pain of razor nicks, which can last for days after you shave.

Most lasers have a comfort feature built-in or one that is used as part of the treatment process to help make the treatments less painful. Some of the less sophisticated methods include using a numbing cream, messy gel or blowing chilled air onto the area being treated. However, for the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments, you’ll want to go somewhere that uses a laser with a built-in cooling mist like the one Milan uses. 

This technology releases a cooling mist immediately after each pulse of the laser during a treatment. To help put that into perspective, it’s often described as feeling like the sting of a rubber band snap that fades away instantly.

5. It’s For Everyone

We’ve all heard the myth that laser hair removal only works for people with certain skin tones or hair colors. Heck, there are even rumors that it’s only for women. It’s myths like these that have so many people still shaving and waxing. 

While some of these myths might have been true—except that it’s only for women, that one has never been true—when the FDA first approved laser hair removal back in the late ‘90s, technology has advanced a lot since then. 

These advances have made laser hair removal safe for everyone—regardless of skin tone. For example, a laser like the GentleMax Pro—which is the laser Milan uses—will provide you with the safest laser hair removal treatments. That’s because it’s really two lasers in one machine, which allows treatments to be customized to treat the specific skin tone and hair type of each client. 

Unfortunately, something that hasn’t changed is that laser hair removal doesn’t work on white hair or “peach fuzz.” This should not be confused with blonde hair, which is usually treatable.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of reasons why you should switch to laser hair removal, hopefully, it helps shed some light on the benefits of ditching your shaving routine.

If you have more questions, feel free to give the experts at Milan Laser a call at 833-No-Razor or go in for a free consultation. You can visit with a local laser hair removal expert at any of their Denver laser hair removal locations, which are conveniently located in Aurora, Northglenn, Sheridan and Wheat Ridge.

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