This Colorado Company Gives You the Tools to Create One-Of-A-Kind Makeup Mixes at Home

Like any successful business, FIXY Makeup was created out of need, plus a little bit of restlessness. “It was both an accident and a quest,” says founder Jill Rossini, a fourth-generation Coloradan. She was feeling stagnant in her day job and her favorite MAC eyeshadow broke for the third time. She scoured the internet for a repair kit but could only find DIY alternatives, which didn’t solve the problem.

FIXY Founder Jill Rossini
FIXY Makeup founder, Jill Rossini. Photo Courtesy of FIXY Makeup

So, she set out to create something herself. For those in need of an immediate solution for a broken powdered cosmetic, or for those that are feeling creative, Rossini developed the FIXY Makeup Creation and Repair Kit. Its a compact, three-piece system that allows users to repair or recreate eyeshadows, blush, bronzers or pressed powders.

Throughout the process, Rossini discovered that FIXY Makeup combined everything she loved about her previous careers — exploring her creative side as a graphic and interior designer, as well as her more recent passion in getting her esthetician license. Thanks to her unique skill set and dedication — along with plenty of hard work and help from her husband, friends and two industrial designers — FIXY Makeup was born five years later. Her creation is novel enough to have earned her a US Utility Patent.

Though FIXY Makeup fulfills a basic need (and quells any frustration when a compact or palette shatters on the floor), Rossini explains, “we are more than just a solution to broken makeup — we are an at-home makeup press. You can fix or create new colors and use them immediately without adding any additional ingredients to your makeup.” Most of FIXY Makeup’s competitors require overnight dry times or adding chemicals, which can change the color, texture and smell. With FIXY Makeup, the new concoction is ready instantly and expertly pressed to the point of looking brand new.

FIXY Makeup kit
The FIXY Makeup Kit. Photo Courtesy of FIXY Makeup

The process is simple — grind your powder, pour into a pan, spray with the binder, press and use. FIXY Makeup can be used to repair broken powder cosmetics, or used to create a unique blend. Rossini also described how FIXY Makeup is environmentally sustainable, “the FIXY Makeup kit is a one time purchase and the pans can be washed, sanitized and reused.” The entire concept is based on recreating and “shopping from” what you currently own, versus buying more.

The kit is very easy to use and, most importantly, fun. It brings back a sort of nostalgic, child-like creativity. Like playing with Play-Doh.

When doing her research and looking for inspiration in her free time, Rossini looks to Berlin-based makeup artist Anne Wenzel. “She creates the most luscious mixes of products,” she said. Also, “Danessa Myricks has been a long-time favorite. And, when I need some comedy, with a side of beauty reviews, my go-to is NADI with PopLuxe cosmetics.”

Fixy Makeup Kit

Like many talented Colorado entrepreneurs, Rossini saw a problem in front of her and used her assets, tenacity and talent to solve it. The result? A makeup repair kit that allows any user to recreate that same tenacious spirit and come out with something more beautiful than what they started with.

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