Meet the Denver Artist that Combines Mexican Culture and Street Art

If you’ve walked through the streets of Denver — you may know that the city is well known for being home to incredible street artists. The art scene in the city is colorful, diverse and unique — just like the work of artist Jwlç Mendoza. His work is not only bright and inspirational — but often has deeper messages surrounding culture and the environment.

While Mendoza works with acrylic paints most often — you can also catch him spray painting outdoors. He states that outdoor murals are often challenging — but perhaps his favorite style of work. While he’s been creating art his entire life — Mendoza is relatively new to the Denver art scene.

“I started doing art since I was in elementary school, inspired by anime and graffiti,” he said. “As I grew up I kept creating art as a hobby, but it wasn’t until a little less than three years ago that I decided I wanted to take this more seriously and actually create a living out of what I love to do.”

Mural by Mendoza created for census outreach

Although Mendoza has only recently dived into professional art — he has already created a name for himself and completed many mural commissions. He’s created street art for the City of Denver, the City of Thornton, Westwood Creative District as well as a number of local shops and restaurants.

Much of Mendoza’s inspiration comes from his love for animals, traveling and the environment. Yet perhaps the biggest contribution to Mendoza’s art style is his Mexican heritage.

“It is very important to incorporate my motherland roots into my art,” he explained. “I am who I am because of my Mexican and Latino heritage, therefore incorporating these into my art makes it meaningful to me and I’m sure it’s meaningful to those that can relate as well. I feel it is a gift to get inspired by your own traditions, food, people and colors and it’s a blessing to be able to put all these into an art piece and inspire others.”

Whether he is painting a portrait of Cantinflas, his favorite Mexican actor, or being inspired by the work of the legendary Frida Kahlo — Mendoza’s Mexican and Latino roots run deep throughout his art pieces.

“When people look at my art, I hope they feel inspired and connected to their traditions,” Mendoza said. “It feels great to hear when someone tells me they can relate to one of my paintings.”

Mendoza is heavily involved with the Westwood Creative District. If you’re looking for one of his murals — the Westwood neighborhood is the place to start. One of his pieces can be found on the outside of Cultura Craft Chocolate — a bright “Día de los Muertos” style skull. You can find more of his street art with exact locations here. As for any future endeavors — Mendoza is currently completing commissions for the time being, although a mural for a local nonprofit may soon be in the works.

If you would like to follow along with Jwlç Mendoza or contact him for a commission — you can do so through Instagram. He also has an online shop, where you can purchase original artworks, stickers and prints.

All photos by Jwlç Mendoza

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