False Ego Introduces Its 2020 Spring Collection

When it comes to high-quality and eco-friendly apparel, False Ego is a Colorado homegrown business that is not only making waves in the local fashion scene but is also making a positive global impact. 

Founded by Jevon Taylor, False Ego has always been fueled by a mission to create with sustainability, transparency and a collaborative approach with like-minds to ensure a completely unique style. 

Every garment seeks to change the fashion paradigm by emphasizing the industry’s current and dismal state. The business seeks to help shift people’s minds into becoming more environmentally conscious through educating consumers about how their clothes are actually made and where they’re sourced. 

False Ego’s desire to manufacture and produce clothing with sustainability in mind is unmistakable. It utilizes the finest 100% certified organic materials in every garment. From using untampered San Joaquin Valley cotton, to socially-conscious mills, False Ego is committed to making eco-friendly apparel the new norm. 

“People make it seem impossible to blend quality, wearability and sustainability together. But, all it takes is a little research, genuinely caring about how your products are made and an action to make it really happen,” Taylor explained.

With this in mind, Taylor deems 2020 to be False Ego’s year of expansion, and he’s absolutely stoked. 

The 2020 Spring Collection boasts the second edition of False Ego’s bag collections — all found on falseego.eco — made from 100 percent upcycled materials that include bike inner tubes, waterproof vinyl tarp and nylon. These bags are fully sourced, constructed and designed in Colorado. Taylor also told us that more customized patterns, an exploration of new eco-friendly fabrics and ultimately adding more premium collections are all what’s to come. 

Some of Taylor’s favorites are the Traveler Roll-Top bags and the 3D embroidery Navy T-shirt.

“The bag is literally indestructible, the only way it wouldn’t last you a lifetime is if you set it on fire (and it still might be in decent shape),” Taylor shared. “I love the 3D embroidered Navy T-shirt because I really enjoy the feel of the embroidery. Feeling your embroidery actually have volume to it and not just lay flat, like most embroidery, is just different — it shows someone took their time making it.”

When asked about what inspired the collection, Taylor told 303 Magazine that, “A lot of collections prior to this served as more trial and error as I found out who my customer was, what they liked and what direction I wanted to take things.” 

Taylor revealed that the actual design process comes in waves. Architecture, album covers, nature and even photos are just some of the many random bouts of inspiration that bring the brand’s unique style come to life.

Still as a young company — only celebrating its second anniversary this June — False Ego is constantly evolving and finding its groove. Taylor’s eye for slight pops of color and subtle design has helped the 2020 Spring Collection take bits and pieces from past collections, while continuing to innovate.

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All photos courtesy of False Ego