Greenwood Village Gets Colorado’s First and Only Happy Lemon Drink Shop

With a seemingly oversaturated market of boba and milk teas shops across Colorado, the newest addition offers something out of the ordinary to sip on. With the soft opening on June 9 and a grand opening set for the latter half of June, Happy Lemon is introducing a limited menu from its Hong Kong flagship.

Franchise owners Eric Lee and Ke Zhao both took a liking to the Happy Lemon brand that originated in China and later branched out to over 1,200 locations worldwide. The Greenwood Village location is the first and only for the box state bringing various series of drink flavors.

The limited menu will feature a classic milk tea, freshly squeezed lemon, pure tea and salted cheese series.

The classic milk tea is topped with either boba, Oreos, pudding, puff cream, or lychee jelly. Whereas the summer forward freshly squeezed lemon series has an Arnold Palmer influence with lemon and common tea flavors like Jasmine, black and green.

It’s the Salted Cheese Series that really cheeses things up. This unique foam sits on top of any green or milk tea of choice and provides a subtle hint of saltiness to any drink. While the salted cheese foam can be added to any drink, the menu also offers a chocolate, strawberry black or green tea with the salty froth.

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According to Lee, “the best way to drink the salted cheese series is to let it sit on top and tilt the cup 70 degrees to get the best of both sweet and salty.”

With so many obstacles in their way, Lee and Zhao have worked hard to bring Happy Lemon to Colorado. Set to open months ago, both COVID-19 related closures and civil unrest across the country put a pause in production.

“We see many of these setbacks as a blessing in disguise. It’s given us time to iron out details and make it a lot safer for our employees to come to work,” Lee said.

While work in the restaurant industry has been quite the rollercoaster, Lee and Zhao recognize the importance of health over business.

“There have been some training difficulties, but we don’t want to risk family for business. Our dine-in will remain closed to minimize risk to our employees but we have worked out a smooth operation for to-go and pick-up orders,” Lee said.

The strong will and determination of Coloradans has glimmered throughout the past four months. With so many adversities, businesses like Happy Lemon Colorado continue to push through in their pursuit of happiness and salted cheese drinks.

Happy Lemon Colorado is located at 9686 E. Arapahoe Rd. Unit B, Greenwood Village.