303 Street Style – Safe and Stylish Mask Fashion

With Denver re-opening, many people will slowly start to venture back out into the city. It is important to still follow the guidelines in keeping safe and slowing the curve as much as possible while being out in public. One of the ways to remain safe is to continue to wear masks while out. You don’t have to sacrifice style to be safe. To inspire you to keep up with guidelines, we have compiled a list of our favorite masks out in public.

Jenny Donaldson received this mask as a gift from her sister, to match her love for her tattoo.
Scotte Hoerle wearing a rave mask from iedm.com
Jon Amar and Nina Bernardin wearing masks found on Etsy (Blissality) created by a local artist
Bart Story had a handmade mask from a friend
Dominick Moore an essential worker at Wholefoods in a homemade mask.
Anna Petrelli was furloughed from Warby Parker so a coworker of hers, who makes her clothes, dropped it off on her porch.
Iliana Salcido´s mom just started her own business and is selling stylish masks through her shop Kasa Fierce.
Brandon Mattson accessorized a classic black mask with a meditating Darth Vader pin.
Adam Weber works for an essential engineering company where all the secretaries hand made masks for all the employees.
Sophia Osburn an employee of Liks credited her mask to the owner. The owner of the store hand made all of the employees the same masks.
Shane Cosby showing everyone that sometimes all you need is a bandana from home to keep safe.
John Carmona had masks made by @jonathaneric for him and all of his coworkers. Aaron Huffman bought his mask from GHC studios
Carley and Greg Greive wearing souped-up rave masks from iedm.com
Stephanie Ippolito wearing a mask from Nicole Isabella designs
Celena Hinkelman wearing a Bassnectar fan mask

All photography by Amanda Piela

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