Announcing Private Party – Our Live Stream Series Meant to Keep Weekends Fun

Here at the 303 Magazine’s music desk, we’ve realized that a world without live music is a world that feels just a little bit dimmer. For some of us, it’s a lot darker than we’d like — especially considering the social aspects that come along with dancing up a storm at our beloved Denver venues.

Although we can do nothing to replace the sweat-drenched elation of a Hi-Dive concert, we thought we’d at least try to bring the feeling back to our homes. With that in mind, we’re launching our own weekly live-stream aptly named, Private Party. It’s open to everyone willing to watch but private in the sense that our wicked dance moves will only be witnessed by our confused pets and stay-at-home partners. See it as an opportunity to get even better at your cha-cha slide until we all meet again.

Every week will feature a local musician or DJ that gets us up and moving, encouraging libations (for the 21+ crowd, of course) and shenanigans that grace the dance floors of our favorite local spots year-round.

For our fifth round of partying, we’ll feature DJ Polyphoni, who’s planning a DJ set that is sure to get you all off your feet.

Tune into our live story on our main Instagram channel and Facebook at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, May 23 to catch DJ Polyphoni’s set.