There’s a State-Wide “Drum Circle” Tomorrow Night

Staying at home can feel very singular, even when we know that the rest of Denver is doing the same. Colorado Drums Forward aims to unite those in isolation with the same collaborative energy that has Denver residents howling at the moon at 8 p.m. each night.

The newest non-verbal trend happens to be drumming, banging on whatever you can makeshift into a percussion instrument — and it’s going down tomorrow night at 7 p.m.

“‘Colorado Drums Forward’ is an artful communication campaign to help all Coloradans gain a sense of community and solidarity during this time of social distancing. The idea is to use the concept of a “drum circle” to allow individuals to participate in a singular event. It is a way to non-verbally communicate with family and neighbors around the state. The performance centers around percussion instruments but may include non-percussion instruments. Practically anything can be used to make noise such as cans, buckets, boxes, etc. The campaign is being put forward by Dazzle, the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts (CBCA), and Colorado Creative Industries,” stated the organization via press release.

In an act of solidarity (or in an act of vengeance for the neighbors you may not like), make sure to get out your favorite percussion instrument (or anything you can bang on) and drum the night away with Denver.