Non-Profit The GrowHaus is Closing Its Urban Farm Due to Building’s Structural Issues

The GrowHaus, a well-known urban indoor farm and educational organization, is closing its building indefinitely. The closure is a result of construction and structural issues within the building that need to be addressed.

Kayla Birdsong, the executive director of The GrowHaus, and the board of directors have made the decision to close the building as an engineering team found structural issues and safety concerns through different tests. With the consideration of reinforcement to the building, the board and Birdsong concluded that it would be best to close the building for the time being.

Photo Courtesy of The GrowHaus

“The leadership of The GrowHaus cares deeply about this organization and came to this decision only after numerous in-depth conversations and significant research into alternatives. We all agreed that closing the building should be the last option but, ultimately, we did not find another feasible and safe alternative. We have created a steering committee of board members, staff, and experts that will be solely focused on understanding the exact needs of our current building and future options. They are starting on this work immediately,” stated Birdsong and the board of directors.

However – in the wake of the closing – The GrowHaus plans to continue its educational programs and food distribution services even though it will close its onsite farm and market. These programs will move forward within partnering locations and residents’ homes. If you would like to support The GrowHaus you can join the Tambien membership program.

“We recognize that our services fill a critical need for many residents in our neighborhood. To serve our community, The GrowHaus will continue to operate our programs in collaboration with numerous community partners who have stepped up to offer temporary space during this transition,” said Birdsong and the board of directors.

Although the future The GrowHaus’ building is yet known, The GrowHaus as an organization is dedicated to continuing to deliver produce, education and more to the community.