Pearl Jam Postpones Their Spring Tour and Pepsi Center Show Due to Coronavirus


On the night of March 9, influential grunge rock band, Pearl Jam, announced on Instagram that they’re postponing the spring leg of their upcoming “Gigaton Tour” due to the coronavirus outbreak. Their upcoming show at the Pepsi Center on April 9 is one of many that have to be rescheduled for a later time. At present, the specific date of the band’s Denver return remains unknown.

Their Instagram post, included below, indicates that Pearl Jam made this tough decision out of concern for the well-being of their fans rather than their own personal fears. It’s worth noting that the members of Pearl Jam grew their sound in Seattle and continue to reside in that county, where COVID-19 first claimed the life of a US citizen. After expressing their frustration and confusion, they ended their statement with a call for empathy:

“[H]ere in Seattle what we are witnessing we would not wish for anyone. What we do wish for the rest of the country is that they can avoid the harsh negative effects of this and retain their sense of community and take care of one another. Just as we look forward to our next concerts and the ability to gather together and play loud songs as energized as ever.”

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