Colorado’s Own Sweet Almande Continues To Sell Roasted Nuts With Eccentric Flavors Online

For over 17 yearsSweet Almande has been supplying Colorado with roasted nuts both sweet and salty. Bruce and Beth Telford fell into this nutty venture simply by happy circumstance. Bruce, a retired military veteran and Beth, a former legal assistant and massage therapist, started Sweet Almande as a hobby-turned-business.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Almande

As avid Renaissance Festival goers, the Telfords always had an affinity for the caramelized nuts. Taking influence from those sweet and nutty snacks, Beth decided to take a stab at flavoring her own nuts. Rather than simply selling cinnamon-flavored ones like similar roasters, the Telford’s started experimenting with a variety of flavor combinations. Through trial and error, their roasting process was finely tuned.

Sweet Almande usually serves its sweet and savory nuts at local farmer’s markets and festivals all around Colorado. In light of recent event cancellations due to COVID-19, this has posed an unfortunate fiscal threat for the team at Sweet Almande. Although all in-person sales are temporarily canceled, the online shop is still open for business.

While responsibly maintaining safe production and packaging, the team at Sweet Almande is only selling already made product.  The team has made the decision to not roast any new nuts until the warning is over. As for the already existing product, the team is consistently using gloves and washing hands to ensure all nuts are handled safely.

The water-based roasting technique allows for the almonds, cashews and pecans to remain dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and corn-free. Each seasoning is roasted with the nuts to create a caramelization effect.

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Almande

Some of the most popular flavors tend to be on the sweeter side — cinnamon crunch, vanilla brown sugar, apple strudel, banana nut, cinnamon cappuccino and blueberry crumble.

But they don’t shy away from some more eccentric seasonings like watermelon, Colorado peach, hot chocolate, sweet onion teriyaki, roasted garlic and hot buttered rum. Each flavor is sold in a six-ounce resealable pouch and shipped from their facility in Parker, Colorado by way of USPS. The sweet shop offers both local and national shipping.

While the cancellation of various local events puts a hard stop to any planned revenue for Sweet Almande, the website offers reduced shipping and substantial online discounts encouraging fellow nut lovers to try Sweet Almande’s locally roasted nuts.

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