Hannibal Buress to Perform a Free Denver Comedy Works Show Tonight

On Monday, February 24, Denver Comedy Works is set to welcome comedian Hannibal Buress for a night of comedy. Buress will be joined by two other comedians for a hilarious evening during the free pop-up.

The comedian is known for participating in the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, his comedy album My Name is Hannibal and his role on Adult Swim. Buress has also recently launched a music and comedy festival – Isola Fest (Isola is short for isolation) – and has an upcoming comedy special Miami Nights.  

The pop-up will also feature sets from comedians Al Jackson and Tony Trimm.

You can get your free tickets and RSVP here or by calling 312.584.5839. The show will begin at 10:15 p.m. 

Denver Comedy Works is located at 1226 15th St., Denver.

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  1. good afternoon
    trying to reach someone to inquire further information upon hannibal’s pop up comedy show tonight in denver. The email I got sent after subscribing wont delivery an email back and the phone number hung up on me. I’m very interested in attending the comedy show and want to solidify a RSVP.
    Thank you, bert regards, janaki

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