Just Announced – Backstreet Boys to Make a Denver Stop This Summer

The ’90s brought the emergence of boy bands into the musical ethos with a purpose, and the biggest question was what boy band dominated, NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys? Although the toughest questions never get a firm answer, the feelings they convey even 25 years later can still strike a nerve. With that in mind, in a world of BROCKHAMPTON’s and K-pop stars like BTS taking over the boy band definition, in the words of the old flames that littered middle school lockers, “Backstreet’s back, alright.”

At least for a world tour, that is.

The Backstreet Boys will take over Fiddler’s Green this summer as part of their biggest arena tour in 18 years, “The DNA World Tour.” The August 19 stop will be an extension for the previous leg of their 2018 tour that stopped at the Pepsi Center. This date does have some important distinctions, though.

Following their 2018 Pepsi Center show, the Boys brought DNA, their first album in six years, into the world. This will be the first Denver stop that includes their latest work. Although the pull for artists dripping in nostalgia is a streamlined setlist of greatest hits, their new material is sure to pull some extra attention — only fake fans don’t listen to the new stuff.

If you’re in need of some Nick Carter, grab yourself some tickets on AXS at 10 a.m. Friday, February 14.