The Best Trends of 2019

The year is nearing its end, and just like that, you’re obligated to reflect on another decade coming to a close. Decenniums of the past have etched their name in fashion history, defining a time based on the popular style of that era. The 1970s were known for bell-bottoms and shift dresses, while the 2000s saw the likes of smaller handbags and Juicy Couture velour tracksuits. In the nostalgia-induced world in which we live, it’s hard not to wonder what iconic pieces will be remembered from this time period. This year was pivotal in many ways, and the trends of this year certainly reflect that. From avant-garde silhouettes to the resurgence of animal print, 303 Magazine has created a recap of the best trends of 2019. Take a look back at the photoshoots and editorials that helped us define the most memorable trends of the year.

Suits and Blazers

photograph by Caroline Miller.

The Lowdown: It seems that everyone had an unspoken agreement to embrace the trend of the ultimate power suit in 2019. Although androgynous style is not a newfound concept in the industry, trendy suits and blazers were a staple piece for the year. Fitted and oversized blazers alike can be thrown on over a dress or a graphic tee, turning any outfit into a cool ensemble. Suits are no longer solely reserved for the office and were seen worn for every occasion. Women particularly embraced this trend demonstrating how to combine masculine and feminine aspects of clothing to create a cohesive and sophisticated style. From the classic three-piece to colorful pantsuits, this trend caught the eye of many and looks like it’s here to stay.

Outlandish Silhouettes

Collar by Jasmine Lewis. Photograph by Lauren Magin.

The Lowdown: The theme of the Met Gala in 2019 was “Camp: Notes on Fashion,” a subject dedicated to irreverence and over-the-top style. With the significance of the Met Gala, it’s no wonder the theme translated into the looks and style of this year. Unnatural silhouettes have become prominent, with oversized clothing dictating fashion houses such as Gucci and locally-based designers, Jasmine Lewis and Maxwell Bresler, to name a few. Feminine shapes such as the famous Dior “new look” silhouette have been put back in the vault in favor of more conspicuous cuts. Instead of fitting to the body, 2019 marked a time for shapely ambiguity in clothing and expressive apparel.

Animal Print

Photograph by Rebecca Grant.

The Lowdown: The culmination of animal print clothing can directly be associated with 2019. What started with silk midi-length cheetah skirts evolved into a total print takeover. The popularity and timing of this trend aren’t surprising given fashions progression into embracing animal-friendly alternatives. Fur, ostrich feathers and crocodile skin were replaced with snake and cheetah-print styles highlighting animalistic details without harming any in the process. Whether it’s on trousers or your platform boots, animal print has reinvented many individual wardrobes this year and in years to come.

Bright Colors

Photograph by Caroline Miller.

The Lowdown: Darker shades like black and grey are timeless, often associated with iconic outfits like Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy gown in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. While darker hues are recognized in this light, bright colors hold a reputation of their own. From Valentino’s red couture dresses to Etro’s multi-colored ensembles, striking hues matter in the world of fashion. This year was a time when we all wanted to let color into our lives and into our closets. Therefore, brilliant colors made a comeback and reintegrated as a fresh trend. Bright oranges, blues and rich pinks have become integral parts to an outfit. Even through the snowy winter season, colors have shined through the gloomiest days. Whether it’s an embellished cap or a statement coat, there has been no shortage of vivacious colors to mark this year from beginning to end.