Patagonia Opens Its First Worn Wear Pop-Up Store in Boulder

Since the 1970s, Patagonia has sought to repair and replenish clothing in order to reduce its environmental and carbon footprint. As a company, Patagonia reconstructs more than 100,000 items each year in 72 repair centers globally. “The best jacket for our planet is one that already exists,” said Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia.

Starting tomorrow, Patagonia will celebrate the extension of its Worn Wear program a buy-back program wherein Patagonia repurchases clothing in good condition for resale with the opening of its first dedicated Worn Wear pop-up store. Located on Pearl Street in Boulder, the pop-up will house used Patagonia products that were bought back from consumers. In addition, the ReCrafted Collection Patagonia’s new line of products made from other clothing that was irreparable will be exclusively stocked as well.

The expansion of the apparel company’s Worn Wear program is a direct reflection of the company’s 40-year-commitment to repairing clothing and keeping gear working as long as possible. In addition to the new pop-up store, Patagonia also has Worn Wear mobile repair stations and repair techs. According to the press release, they “have been to more than 135 locations including Patagonia stores, specialty retailers, colleges, design schools, surf towns, fishing towns, ski resorts and climbing festivals where they fix any garment regardless of brand.”

The Worn Wear pop-up store will also host regular repair and upcycle workshops. For more information and a schedule of events, go here.

The Patagonia Worn Wear pop-up is located at 1212 Pearl Street, Boulder. It will be open through February 2020.