Ice Castles Will Return to Dillon This Year

The famous Ice Castles of Dillon will return for the third year running. The Dillon Town Council has approved the icy return allowing Ice Castles LLC to create a new contract with the town to have the castles emerge again this winter according to Summit Daily and 9 News.

Ice Castles. Photo by David Parker.

The announcement of the wintery wonderland’s return happens to follow concerns and criticism from Dillon’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee of how the ice castles may have affected the park in the previous years. According to 9 News, the concerns included possible damage to the park’s lawn and a large amount of time that the park is not available to the general public in spring due to clean up and the ice castles remnants.

However, with those concerns comes the positives of the ice castles bringing an influx of tourists to boost Dillon’s economy. Businesses within the community encouraged the return of the castles for another chance of increased revenue. As a result, the City Council approved the decision unanimously.

The castles are set to start building the chilly monuments as early as next week. No word yet on exact opening, but last year they returned late December.