Jami Oliver is an artist, designer and inspiration to the Denver fashion community. In three words, Oliver can best be described as relentless, passionate and loyal — all which have made her successful in her dreams and aspirations. Oliver inspires us all through her local fashion brand, StreetLore, meaning “stories of the streets” by telling a story through her collections.

“Stories of the streets are urban. They are dirty, grimy, rough and full of obstacles, however, from these obstacles comes a unique culture all its own. StreetLore constantly evolves and changes. It brings together different art, styles, people and ideas. It aims to foster creativity by creating a community where artists can grow in their crafts, draw inspiration from and come together as a culture,” explained Oliver.

StreetLore Headshot

Photo by Cos Lindstrom

From a young age, Oliver was a tomboy herself but had a special place for fashion ever since she was young. “I was drawn to fashion at five years old when I first put on my green, tulle, sequined tutu. Although I was a proper tomboy — climbing trees, riding bikes, and getting muddy with the boys — I did it all in style,” explained Oliver. She grew up in Aspen Valley where she found everyone seemed to have the same look. From there, she found a voice of her own in fashion by creating something innovative that could also bring about all the foundations fashion has to offer. Oliver found that what makes people unique from one another is the different styles and cultures which surround us.

As a designer, Oliver finds collaboration with other like-minded people around her. Inspiration can come in many forms, and for Oliver, it is through who and what she finds a connection to. This might be people, music, history and moments in life which carry significance. Oliver describes StreetLore as a shapeshifter of fashion. “As a designer I thrive on collaboration with other artists, aiming to constantly disrupt fashion norms. I find fascination in how art manifests itself. Mirroring, connecting and adapting. It allows individuals to express their energy, heart and passion in a world full of chaos,” explained Oliver.

StreetLore Yellow Dress

Photo by Cos Lindstrom

Oliver recently showcased her chic brand at New York Fashion Week and found the challenges she faced ultimately led to great success for her unique designs.”I went to NYFW blindly. I had minimal information about my models, our itinerary or location of the runways. Despite my extreme confidence in my designs and my ability to make the best of the unfamiliar, it was a challenge working in such a foreign environment,” explained Oliver. She is honored to be invited back next year for another showcase.

What’s next for Oliver you might wonder? Well, she is a fan of Meow Wolf — a group of talented people who support art in platforms rooted in photography, architecture and much more. When she heard Meow Wolf was coming to Denver, it caught her attention straight away. “I wholeheartedly respect and support this artistic movement. After I visited the exhibit in Santa Fe, I quickly realized fashion was absent from their concept. After reaching out to them, I am a candidate for a collaboration piece in the new Denver exhibit. No details yet, but look out for StreetLore,” explained Oliver.

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