New Colorado Music You Should Know – July Edition

Motion Trap
Photo by Kennedy Cotrell

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

This month, Colorado hip-hop and rap artists stepped up to the plate for an impressive representation of the ever-evolving Denver sound. July’s five artists, songs and music videos scrap all preconceived templates of what’s expected. Instead, they brought their own individual styles to the table for an impressive spread of pure artistic expression straight from the soul.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Derek DeMuth

Listen if you like Andy McKee

Derek DeMuth is a professionally trained guitarist whose work is both technically advanced and beautifully composed. DeMuth combines his undeniable control over the instrument with his ability to craft euphonious rhythms for a listening experience that’s certainly on a different wavelength from the rest.

Masta Pharaoh

Listen if you like KIDS SEE GHOSTS

Masta Pharaoh’s individualistic style is equally unique as his artistic power. While others use flashy personas to distract from lackluster talent, Masta Pharaoh thoroughly impresses with both his musical genius and a clear dedication to his presence.


Listen if you like Daily Bread

Happiness may be elusive, but CatParty managed to capture the feeling in this song and throughout the rest of his work. Producer Nick Melillo combines funk, disco and electronica influences to create party music even the snarkiest of cats can approve of.

Jakob Campbell

Listen if you like Travis Scott

Jakob Campbell is stepping on the scene with a razor blade delivery and witty lyrics to back. Campbell’s cutting vocals elevate the energy of the instrumentals, creating a symbiotic relationship between the music and words for a listening experience that feels new every time.


Listen if you like The Glitch Mob

AVRY creates haunting experimental bass music with an industrial feel. Explore his apocalyptic world of sound and you’ll find heavy bass manipulations with raw edges that leave you equally terrified and inexplicably attracted to the chaos.

Five New Local Songs

Kiltro – “The Hustle”

Listen if you like The Gorillaz

Kiltro is the project of Chilean-American singer-songwriter Chris Bowers Castillo. Delivering a much needed Latin-American infusion of sound into Colorado, Kiltro’s latest single “The Hustle” is a danceable selection anyone can enjoy.

Motion Trap – “N2U”

Listen if you like Passion Pit

Motion Trap combines the past with the present in “N2U.” ’80s synth influences collide with a futuristic sound to create the perfect soundtrack for a late night neon-drenched road trip through outer-space.

Xiuhtezcatl – “Cell Phone”

Listen if you like Chance the Rapper

Xiuhtezcatl is the conscientious reflection of an 18-year old Indigenous rapper and activist. Using his power and talent to educate throughout his work, Xiuhtezcatl delivers a powerful message about our addiction to the digital life in “Cell Phone.”

SP Authentic – “Life”

Listen if you like Common

SP Authentic holds true to his name in “Life.” SP Authentic’s ability to accurately depict the daily struggles men (particularly of color) face are a testament to his impressive ability to remain authentic throughout his work. “Life” produces a goosebump effect for its spot-on recollection and delivery of the injustices and battles we fight.

Dave Tamkin – “Bleeding Orange”

Listen if you like Toad The Wet Sprocket

Dave Tamkin digs deep for an uplifting yet honest account of following one’s dreams in “Bleeding Orange.” Nothing comes easy, but Tamkin reminds listeners to never give up in pursuit of discovering what’s at the center of our hearts.

Five New Local Music Videos

Wildermiss – “Hell or High Water”

Listen if you like Young the Giant

Step into the everyday world of Wildermiss in “Hell or High Water.” Following the band’s traveling antics, the music video covers all the bases of life on the road as a touring band. Come “Hell or High Water,” Wildermiss continues to push on in pursuit of their calling.

Ray Reed – “Right Now”

Listen if you like 21 Savage

Ray Reed keeps it real in “Right Now.” Sometimes you’re simply waiting for the next move or praying “the plug is on the way right now,” as Reed reminds us in this music video. Reed ditches the clout-heavy visuals typically seen in rap music videos and instead features his magnetic personality and raw talent in “Right Now.”

Levi Double U – “Say What”

Listen if you like Disclosure

In this alternative soundtrack to Pulp Fiction, Levi Double U uses clips and soundbites from the cult classic as the backdrop to “Say What.” Perfectly timed visuals and dialogue create the ultimate Pulp Fiction lovers experience.

Wolf Pact – “Worth the Fall”

Listen if you like Imagine Dragons

Sing along in Wolf Pact’s latest video for “Worth the Fall.” Wolf Pact knows love doesn’t come without a price and questions if a new relationship is worth the inevitable heartache that’s yet to come in this visually pleasing lyric video.

Zoe Berman – “Something Better”

Listen if you like Sara Bareilles

Zoe Berman serves as the voice for women across the world by addressing the injustice and undue speculation of women’s words in “Something Better.” Berman isn’t out for blood, she’s addressing the fact we need something better than the low standard women find themselves battling today.

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