Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to Ellie.Herring@303Magazine.com for consideration

This summer, Colorado artists are revisiting their roots. June is filled with nostalgic-packed releases that call on the great influences of the past for a revival of memories forgotten. The below artists, singles and music videos aren’t a direct carbon copy of your favorite decade’s hits — each artist adds a unique flair to their sound for a fresh Colorado take on the past. Not in the mood for a trip down memory lane? There are plenty of present day selections below for June’s new Colorado music you should know.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Sad Bug

Listen if you like Butthole Surfers

Don’t let the internet-era aesthetic fool you, Sad Bug is overflowing with the raw emotion and gritty talent music fans so desperately crave. With a little bit of surfer rock and ’90s grunge influences mixed with a sprinkle of local Boulder sound, Sad Bug is opting to forge their own path on this musical journey.

Ella Luna

Listen if you like Maggie Rogers

At only 16 years old, there’s a surprisingly seasoned element to Ella Luna’s lyrics. Her vocal range reaches beyond the formulaic structure of pleasant sound and introduces a style unique to Alyssa Stoner’s persona.

TF Marz

Listen if you like ill.gates

TF Marz sound blends past with present for an addictive mashup of futuristic beats and dreamy vocals. A self-proclaimed “vibe curator,” TF Marz has mastered the art of creating danceable beats with an individualistic style that curates an unforgettable listening experience, every time.

The Rainbow Treatment

Listen if you like Smashing Pumpkins

Inject a little color into your life with The Rainbow Treatment. This playful trio mixes the classic rock sound with a touch of psychedelic fun for a listening experience that’s made for summer.

Lessons From The Dreamtime

Listen if you like Skinny Puppy

Step into the percussion-heavy world of Lessons From The Dreamtime. The ambient, experimental rock and electronic influences are reminiscent of a far-out dreamland where your mind takes the reins and pushes your imagination to its furthest limits.

Five New Local Songs

Break Science – “Coded Theory”

Listen if you like Pretty Lights

Break Science explores the infinite electronic landscape in their latest release, “Coded Theory.” Melodic soundbites weave their way through the piece for a blended experience of both futuristic electronic sound and classic instrumental characteristics.

Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners – “Somersault”

Listen if you like The Lumineers

Richy Mitch and The Coal Miners dig up an impassioned, nostalgic feeling in “Somersault.” Reminiscent of early 2000’s alternative rock and injected with present-day creativity, “Somersault” will tumble through your mind throughout the day.

Collidoscope – “Nice & Smooth”

Listen if you like The Floozies

Slide into summer with Collidoscope’s latest single “Nice & Smooth.” A little electronic, a little jam and a whole lot of funk, “Nice & Smooth” is the ultimate dance party single for the summer.

Flyin’ Hot Saucers – “Cursed”

Listen if you like The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

As the first released single off their upcoming debut LP, “Cursed” is a promising introduction to the female-fronted psychedelic rock group, Flyin’ Hot Saucers. The ’70s inspired vocals and guitar riffs bring a refreshing taste of the past to the present for a time-traveling experience for the ears.

IYVES – “Gold (Acoustic)”

Listen if you like Laura Mvula

IYVES rereleased the powerhouse single “Gold,” this time, with an acoustic touch that only serves to amplify the magic in this single. Her sultry and seductive voice takes center stage and demands the attention of the listener throughout the single.

Five New Local Music Videos

Jett Kwong – “Away”

Listen if you like Overcoats

Jett Kwong’s music video for “Away” is bursting with just as much creativity that her artistic sound holds. The visually stunning video is packed with abstract images of ropes, ink and distracted friends for a mind game that beautifully accompanies the audio component of the experience.

Alex Blocker – “Makes Me Wonder II”

Listen if you like Common

Take a road trip with Alex Blocker in his latest music video, “Makes Me Wonder II.” Blocker ponders what could have been as he makes his way to what appears to be an old lover or distant family member in this short but sweet cinematic video.

Figure Model – “The Games We Play”

Listen if you like Cass McCombs

Figure Model calls out the petty actions we succumb to in “The Games We Play” music video. A question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives, “should I stay or should I go?” echos throughout the piece, reminding us all to question our motives before the next step.

Kyle Emerson – “May You Find Peace”

Listen if you like The Killers

For a song that sat in Emerson’s drafts untouched for months, “May You Find Peace” goes above and beyond in its execution. Emerson walks down a dark road, lingering like the thought in the back of your mind that you just can’t shake.

Kayla Rae – “All Love”

Listen if you like Kayla Brianna

Kayla Rae takes the high road in “All Love.” Rae shakes off any resentment and fills her thoughts and sound waves will all love. The carefree and lighthearted music video keeps a playful demeanor throughout, until a surprise wakes Rae from her dream of “All Love.”