Colors are powerful. Whether or not you believe in any color theory, the fact that the tiny spectrum of visible light we can perceive is filled with an impossible variety of tones and hues is amazing. Because of this, we love to celebrate the color spectrum — through art, through fashion and through cooking. And coming this spring, the company Thrice will offer a culinary journey through color with their new pop-up event called Chroma.

Last year, Thrice launched its rotating pop-up restaurant endeavor with a Barbie-themed BBQ night. The idea behind Thrice is that the best experiences revolve around three pillars — food, drink and design. So the purpose of the pop-up model is to allow for maximum creativity and flexibility while also elevating the guest experience to new heights. Each event mixes unique cocktails with top-notch food and intriguing art displays.

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For Chroma, the experience will take participants on a seven-course adventure exploring all of the senses. It will ask the question, “how does color sound, feel, smell, look and taste?” There will be three parts — culinary, mixology and yoga — on May 29 (and June 5), June 1 and June 2, respectively at Uchi Annex in RiNo.

Photo courtesy of Thrice Pop-up on Facebook

The culinary chapter of Chroma is provided by chef Brandon Brumback of Uchi. Brumback is creating a signature menu beyond the normal items offered at Uchi that weaves through the seven colors of the rainbow. This is $175 per person, with limited seats available for both nights, on May 29 and June 5. Next, dive into a different kind of journey as Chroma explores the rainbow through infused cocktails during the Mixology night on June 1— which will be a cash bar. But this experience doesn’t stop with drinks — it’s also about immersive art displays, a silent disco and an in-house aura reader. To complete the series of three and to wind down the weekend on June 2, Chroma hosts a yoga practice to tune your chakras, followed with another chance to have an aura reading.

This is no ordinary food event. It’s going to be candy for all five senses and then some.

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Chroma will take place May 29 – June 2, 2019 at the Uchi Annex at 25th and Lawrence in Denver.