303 Style Profile – Stephanie Montes, a Travel-Inspired Style Influencer

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Stephanie Montes is a 22-year-old blogger, traveler and style influencer originally from Long Island, New York. After living there for 12 years, Montes and her family made the move to Colorado where she found a great deal of inspiration. The Mile High City has a huge impact on Montes, as it is where she spent her adolescent years — learning and growing from what the fashion scene has to offer. “It’s helped with anything sport related, but on the high fashion side, I feel like my travel is where the real inspiration lies for that,” explained Montes.

Montes has a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is working on her next degree in international trade and marketing. From a young age, fashion was something that sparked Monte’s interest and travel has been a big part of her life as well.

“Honestly, ever since I was little I loved fashion. I actually wanted to be a princess when I was younger and realized that probably wasn’t going to be obtainable, so I fell in love with the way they dress and it grew from there,” said Montes.”Traveling has always been a love of mine. I started traveling the country at a really young age and have been to almost all of the states here.”Stephanie rings

303 Magazine: Is your personal style influenced by the unique places you explore? 

Stephanie Montes: Living in Italy, my passion to travel and learn grew stronger. I would say my style has evolved with the more places I visit. Italian style is probably the best and I have definitely adapted my style to carry some of their go-to pieces. Paris and Parisian fashion have a huge influence on my day-to-day style as well. I have elevated my wardrobe to no longer carry leggings unless it’s for the gym — and the same with sweatpants.

303: In three words, how would you describe your style? What are some go-to staple pieces you always have on hand? 

SM: My style is feminine, eclectic and definitely comfortable. I love combining different styles to create an interesting and unique look. Black high-waisted jeans, an oversized blazer, a grey or white t-shirt, a leather jacket and my favorite — a western inspired bootie — are items I always have. I own about three or more of each style — that way I can mix and match and have a back up incase something rips.

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303: How and why did you create a personal blog? What do you enjoy most about it?

SM: I got into blogging because I wanted to document my style process and changes. It’s awesome to see that on your own as well, and I didn’t think many people would be interested in the process. However, I have noticed people enjoy it and that’s what helps me to enjoy it. I’m always evolving and learning — and I love learning and bettering myself.

303: Are you a Colorado Native? How does the Mile High City inspire your style? 

SM: I am not a Colorado native, however, I feel like I am. I moved so long ago before it became a trend to actually live there, so I feel like a local. I spent some of the most important years of my life in Colorado and worked so hard. Moreover, I have met some amazing people.

303: Who are some of your favorite designers? In what ways do they inspire you?

SM: One of my favorite designers is Rick Owens — he’s truly a creative force and has done everything possible to push the norms. I also love the Olsen twins as they are a big representation of luxury. They are also the designers of The Row and leaders of fabric sourcing. They know where to get the best of the best, and that’s what I try to achieve when I buy clothes. Overall, I want what’s best for the world in the end. Another designer who inspires me every day is Phoebe Philo — her minimalist clean-cut designs inspire my fashion wardrobe choices.

303: Where are three favorite places you have traveled to? Where is somewhere you would like to go but haven’t had the chance to yet? 

SM: My first would definitely be Florence, Italy followed by Paris and lastly London. A place I would like to go but haven’t had the chance to would definitely be Copenhagen. It’s so up-and-coming with fashion and has a striking beauty about it.

303: Do you have any current or future projects or collaborations you are involved with? If so, what can you tell us about them? 

SM: As of now, I’m collaborating with Rent the Runway. They are an amazing sustainable company where you can rent clothes and accessories. They truly help the earth, and it’s such a great push when it comes to trying out new things. It’s not easy to experiment, but they certainly make it accessible.

I will also be collaborating with Vital Proteins which is a company that believes collagen is what is vital in order to have strong hair and nails — as well as beautiful skin. I am definitely working harder to love myself from the inside out, and I think both these companies offer this. For this reason, I love working with them.

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All photography by Dushawn Jovic.

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