A new creative destination is on the horizon. Realm, coming to Clayton’s industrial park next month on June 8, will be a one of a kind photo studio and event space featuring Amethyst Coffee’s third location. Founded by EB and Jonathan Combs and Rachel Nichols, Realm was born out of the idea of designers and photographers working out of coffee shops for years. Their intention is to provide a central locale for creatives to mix and to provide resources for collaboration.

“Realm, especially with Amethyst as an on-site partner, is such a departure in concept from almost everything we’ve been exposed to previously,” notes co-founder EB Combs. “Conveying our concept as a multi-use cafe/photo/event/meeting space was an interesting hurdle during our early development, but as the space has taken form and people are moving through it, the response has been extraordinary. The journey of bringing Realm to life has been a long three years, and we are ecstatic to open our doors and see it finally come to life with all the different uses and roles it can play to lift up the creative and event industry of Denver.”

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The 3,508 square foot space features a private mezzanine that’ll function as a meeting space. It’ll have a conference room that holds a 10-top table that overlooks the café and studio space, while 1,129 square feet of the front entrance will be occupied by Amethyst and the patio. The versatile space can be utilized in a number of different ways, from lifestyle and product photography to workshops, special events and more.

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For lovers of vintage furniture, the popular boutique, Meek Vintage will furnish the space. It will also make those items available for photography shoots and events. Amethyst will still offer their typical menu but have a few surprises for this location including the highly regarded Panamanian Geisha — which is supposedly the most expensive coffee on the planet. It comes from Carmen Estate and is roasted by Denver’s Commonwealth Coffee. It’ll be served a couple of different ways, and will likely be a big draw for coffee lovers and co-workers alike. Community events and educational classes will come later and people who’d like to participate can sign up here.

Realm + Amethyst Coffee will open at 3851 Steele Street, Unit B., Denver, 80205 on June 8, 2019.