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Local fashion influencer and mom, Dana Ford, is dripping with luxurious attitude from head to stroller and is showing Denver that mothers come in all different styles. Ford started her Instagram when her firstborn came into the world, and it slowly transformed into a dazzling display of just how fabulous motherhood can be. With a toddler on her hip and another baby on the way, Ford is proof that moms can lead showstopping, fashion-forward lives.

303 Magazine: Who is your style inspiration?

Dana Ford: My style inspirations are often the people I meet in my travels. Whether I’m in Cape Town, South Africa, Siem Reap, Cambodia or Singapore, I always find ideas and inspiration from other cultures.

303: What does a typical day look like for you?

DF: Mom duty all day every day. I wake up and go straight to my little boy’s room, I sing him the “good morning” song and get him ready for breakfast. If my husband and I are lucky, we can have coffee together. After that, there’s playtime, nap time — laundry time for me — more playtime and before I know it its dinner time. I really do not have time to myself until after my baby goes to bed. Then its time to breathe and relax.

303: Where are you initially from?

DF: I am originally from Pasadena, California but consider myself a New Yorker after living in the Big Apple for 13 years.

303: What brought you to Denver?

DF: My husband. We met in the Bahamas and it was pretty much love at first sight, corny but it’s true. I moved to Denver four months later.

303: What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

DF: Well, right now being pregnant, my favorite items are anything I can still fit and feel fabulous in — embellished jackets, flowy dresses with pretty prints. All my accessories, hats, purses and shoes help me complete my look.

303: What is the best part about being a mom?

DF: The best part about motherhood is seeing the best of you in your child. All the unexpected laughs and the unconditional gestures of love, it just fills me with such joy.

303: What trend do you love right now?

DF: Right now I am loving ethnic patterns and textures for spring. I am loving natural wovens and wood in accessories. I am obsessed and loving natural hair textures being more accepted and considered beautiful.

303: What style advice would you give to any new parents?

DF: The advice I would give a new parent is to dress the way that makes you feel comfortable. It’s hard in the beginning with all the body changes coupled with breastfeeding and being tired all the time. If you are a mom that finds a way to get her hair done, put on makeup and throw on a sassy dress, good for you. If you are a mom that throws on sweats and tosses the hair in a bun without a stick of makeup, good for you. We are all badasses!

All photography courtesy of Malwine Schmidt.